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Posted by trolland 
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July 29, 2007 03:53PM
`The set-list included theese songs (Im not sure they were played in this order, and I may have forgotten a few tunes):

You lose
kill devil hills
high time
no evil
on my pillow
vortex surfer
black to comm

I think they played another song from Barracuda, but im not sure which one. A great show, specially the second half. The sound was not so great in the beginning, but it got better at the end. Loud, tight and beautiful!
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 29, 2007 03:54PM
They played Hyena as well...
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 29, 2007 04:20PM
They've played Glow from Barracuda at previous concerts this summer.
Possibly that one?
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 29, 2007 04:53PM
The rewiev I've read says it was alot of jamming in the first half... A long Psychonaut maybe? Sounds like a cool show!
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 29, 2007 11:08PM
Konserten var fantastisk, skjønt det tok ca en sang før de fikk skrudd lyden riktig.
Er ikke sikker men jeg tror de spilte en versjon av Underture av the who, som en del av jammen i første halvdel av konserten.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 30, 2007 12:40PM
No, it was not Glow....maybe rattlesnake or heartbreaker (to much beer clouded my memory I think)...and yes, there was a lot of jamming during Psychonaut. This show was a lot better than when they played Øya last year. More energy and Bent, Snah and Kenneth really enjoyed playing. The local paper (Fredrikstad blad) gave the show five out of six.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 30, 2007 01:08PM
Ah, ok. I doubt it was Rattlesnake because that one has never been played

Maybe it was Vanishing Point? That one was played pretty frequently on the
spring 2006 tour.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 30, 2007 06:44PM
...and after my braincells worked a little bit more, I remember mp played Coalmine pony as well.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 30, 2007 07:37PM
The review:


"men faktisk var det trommis Kåre Kenneth Kappestad (ex gåte) som imponerte meg mest."

KÃ¥re Kenneth Kappestad grinning smiley

I'm still waiting for "Haakon Magnus Ryan" in some paper...
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 31, 2007 01:34AM
Setlist for MÃ¥nefestivalen (just found it on the Motorpsycho MySpace Account)

You lose
Kill devil hills
High time
No evil
On my pillow Glow
Vortex surfer
Black to comm
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 31, 2007 12:44PM
Yeah, but the MP-MySpace-Site has the information probably from this forum, so I think it's not complete or either correct yet...
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 31, 2007 03:27PM
Probably! Though those songs alone tell of a smashing show!

but now the question remains.....what now?
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
July 31, 2007 05:22PM
Thats right. The three first songs are in the right order, and they closed with black to comm. I dont remember in which order the other songs were played, and I think they played a couple of other tunes as well (Colemine pony ++).
STG was magnificent! Vortex surfer was powerful and Black to comm was huge!

The main scene of MÃ¥nefestivalen was one of the best outdoorscenes I`ve ever been to. It was placed on a large backyard beetween some old buildings. It created a great atmosphere. A perfect place for a little festival!
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 02, 2007 09:09AM
They played an insane version of Tristano to. Great and noisy!

To me it was a bit too much rock'n'roll on this concert. I prefer them when they space out like they do on the Wheel and K9. STG was great though, but they played it too short, all the good jam parts they used to play were ommited. They went directly into Vortex. Nice to hear that one again - even without the glockenspiel... Radience Freq. was great. Hyena sucked like it always do, Devil Hills was great, but too short without the great ending they had last year. Do we really have to hear Black to Comm anymore?

Actually, I don't like seeing MP on festivals were they have so little time to play. Sounds like they're rushing through the songs to get home early. Don't take me wrong, it was a great concert, but I'd change 80% of the setlist if it was up to me.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 02, 2007 11:21AM
rad freq???????????????
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 02, 2007 05:03PM
sorry, I meant Psychonaut. Please forgive me... winking smiley
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 02, 2007 08:49PM
Oh damn...for one minute there I lost myself...lol
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 05, 2007 09:50PM
The correct one:

You Lose
Kill Devil Hills
High time
Coalmine Pony
Vortex Surfer
On My Pillow--->Tristano
No Evil
Black To Comm (medley containing "Not Fade Away" by Rolling Stones, and "Turn On Your Love Light" by Grateful Dead)

Brilliant concert.
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 06, 2007 12:42PM
(I'm sorry, Buddy Holly wrote "Not Fade Away", of course)
Re: MÃ¥nefestivalen
August 06, 2007 05:14PM
Psychonaut jam also included Underture by The Who.
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