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Rockefeller 07.12.2007

Posted by otherdemon 
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Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 02:54AM
I'm drunk and deaf, but I'll try to put together a setlist (someone fill the blanks in later):

- No Evil
- Neverland
- New Trippy Proggy Song (Bent: "Here's about 20-30 mins from our new record"winking smiley
- STG --->
- Vortex Surfer
- Serpentine --->
- Sancho Says
- Sail On
- You Lose
- Upstairs/Downstairs
- Sparks or Underture (whatever Tommy song they played)
- Kill Devil Hills --->
- Psychonaut --->
- Into The Sun
- Mantrick Muffin Stomp (no joke!)
- Hyena --->
- You Lied --->
- Black To Comm (incl. Not Fade Away)

The order between Sail On and Sparks might be totally wrong, but whatever.
The sound sucked ass during the 3 first songs.
From STG and out it got better. I actually cried during Vortex Surfer.
Mantrick kicked my ass up & down the sidewalk!
Kenneth is the man! Bent shaked his ass during Kenneth drumsolo on You Lied!
The new song had shitty sound, but I remember:
- A riff alternating between G and C re-occuring several times.
- A nice quiet section w/ subtle playing.
- An awesome coda reminiscent of "Starless" by King Crimson! No fucking kidding!

Funny moment: Some drunk guy trying to pick up women during Upstairs/Downstairs.
Allsang during STG, Vortex Surfer and You Lied.

Good night, fellow psychonauts!

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Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 08:10AM
thats sound GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 08:36AM
A couple more details:

- Last nights version of Neverland musta been the shortest one I
ever heard. Was just about as long as the album-version (which is fine
by me tongue sticking out smiley)

- In the new song, at one point either Bent or Snah sampled one of
Snah's riffs, and let it run for a minute or two w/ Snah soloing
over it. I think I also heard some mellotron or keys being played
*somewhere* (possibly in the coda).

- Kapstad drummed his ass off, but it wasn't like he ran out of control or anything.
He did allow for some subtlety here and here, showing he's a dynamic drummer.

- The re-arranged version of Serpentine wasn't the best, but it was a wise choice
playing it right after VS. Upstairs/Downstairs on the other hand was pretty damn good,
with a nice outro section containing an awesome build-up.

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Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 09:43AM
Looks good - very similar to Bergen. You got Mantrick Muffin Stomp, which I would *love* to hear, with Kenneth on board that song must *kill*!! Then again, you had to suffer through Neverland, so at least you had to pay for it... ;-)
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 10:17AM
shakti Wrote:
> Looks good - very similar to Bergen. You got
> Mantrick Muffin Stomp, which I would *love* to
> hear, with Kenneth on board that song must
> *kill*!! Then again, you had to suffer through
> Neverland, so at least you had to pay for it...
> ;-)

Yeah it was similar to Bergen. You guys got On My Pillow, Wharf Rat and
Like Always, while we got Neverland, Into The Sun and Mantrick.

One more detail: After Black to Comm had ended, the audience had a big
"trampeklapp". It looked like they were going to do another
encore, but I'm guessing it was cancelled because it was getting late,
and they're doing Trondheim tonight so...

They played from 22:30 to 00:55, so roughly same length as Bergen, I guess?

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Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 11:52AM
This was a great concert! Out of the 11 mp-gigs I`ve been to, this reach up to top 3.
The Stg-Vortex part was huge, and the second half (specially the encores) made the place shake like hell.
They play wery tight now, and it seems to be a lot of energy on stage. The new stuff sounded very promising/interesting.
I was on the balcony at the top and stood almost above the stage. Interesting to see Ryans gear from above!
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 12:12PM
All in all a pretty good concert. Much better than the spring 06 tour anyway. The new stuff sounds promising.

But think of all the great songs they haven't played for a long time: Radiance freq, Killsomeday, Taifun, Uberwagner, Timothy's monster, Drug thing, Mad Sun...

Neverland and U lied should be skipped for a while.
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 12:27PM

This was acually a GREAT concert. Out of the 38 I´ve been to: a place between 10-14 th place.

It is very, very difficult to compare gigs from different times and with other bandmembers, however.

But what I felt yesterday was that I witnessed a new Motorpsycho. Kenneth is not Geb and never will be, but he still has an own identity that has already, and I guess will increase its influence as times go by. Did not feel this potential in the stand in guy from last year.

Also feel a difference in Bent and Snah´s relation: Snah was for me the leader of last nights show. Presented as a star on stage in position on front slightly towards the centre for stage with theatrical movements. Seemed like he liked it to. Bent on his hand was more in the background than before I think. My friend noticed how much time he spent on making the job easier for Kenneth by giving him a lot of attention and positive feedback. I agree.

My conclusion: It is interesting to see and hear a MP that in its constellation, rythm and energi is changing. Seems like a process, more active than for a long time. Gives me nostalgic glimts from the mid-late 90´s MP, but most interesting it seems like they are walking new paths. Now!

I repeat: Now.

Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 12:39PM
If I remember right, they played Kill some day quite regulary on the Spring 06-tour winking smiley But anyway, the songs you mention: would be nice if they would appear again in their setlists...
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 12:55PM
Sorry, I dont mean to spoil anyones positive experiences here, but Im actually very disappointed over this show. I've seen a few up through the years, and this one was actually down there with some Cake-shows from 2002 where you really had to suffer through serpentines and neverlands and all that other fill-stuff.

Short summary:
Last night started kinda good (as im always extremely excited before their shows) and I honestly believed that the show would be killer. But as Neverland was played, my expectations dropped. The new song was quite cool, however. A lot of nice parts, and quite dynamic. Kenneth played good here. Then came some fillers again from BHBC, which didn't do it for me. Up/down was okay, not splendid. The song after this (the who?) was good, then came another filler (kill devil hills). At this point I was becoming more and more bored. From psychonaut on, it rocked. However, the crowd deserved another encore, i've seldom heard so much clapping after a show. But I guess it was getting late..

Well. So the setlist looks kind of good, although quite some filler-song (and crap like neverland) are also present. The band is tight as fuck. Kenneth is extremely skilled and independent, adding nerve to the music. They have almost 20 years of experience. How come they didn't make it home? I talked to some people after the show (maybe 10) and none of them were very satisfied.. Thats sad. I think one of the problems, apart from playing a lot of boring songs is the lack of dramaturgy in the show. It goes up and down, with no apparent pattern. It just weaves back and forth without coherency and appropriate buildups. A second problem is the sound. For one, it is ectremely loud, meaning you don't hear shit of whats going on unlesss you know where the breaks and choruses start. The sound was also pretty rotten at the start of the show (it improved, though). I kinda feel that MP is substituting finesse for volume these days. I mean, snahs solos wasn't that good yesterday, the solos often consisted of a few tones played very loud and drowned in noise. And the new songs, in a noisy dressing is no peak experience (unless you're very drunk and just want to shake it!). I wish for more subtlety, more energic solos where you hear whats going on, more good rocking that moves you (they started hogwash at some point i think, but it just vanished..)

Maybe motorpsycho is becoming a nostalgia-thing for me. I mean, I don't embrace all they do anymore and I only love their albums up to trust us (I kinda like some of the new stuff, though but it's not the same thing). Or maybe, the band is going downhill. Or maybe - and I hope this is the thruth - the band is just going through a phase right now, where they gotta play really loud, to shake out those demons and prepare the ground for something better to come. I hope so!

To sum it up: New song - good. Vortex - nice, powerful version. Kenneth - extremely skilled and very good, subtle and rocking. The set from psychonaut and out was good. All in all a mediocre show, though. But I try to be optimistic for the future!

Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 01:47PM
I wouldn't consider songs from BH/BC just fillers my man... personally I like that album a lot and it's obvious that they keep playing tunes from their latest stuff! And all in all, thinkin about the first shows with Jacco, from what I've read around here with Kenneth it seems to be another world, so let's expect more and more from our beloved psychonaut smiling smiley And...mantrick...gosh lol
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 02:28PM
althogh I wasn't in oslo I understand psivert more than good, cause that what you wrote were exactly my feelings and thoghts after the melt gig sad smiley
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 02:57PM
Yeah, but I really wonder if it's the way like you guys said, then why can't anyone, who stands close to them, tell them about those things, especially:

1) that the sound is too loud, too muddy, not clear enough ... so that they improve on their dynamics again.

2) their setlists is lacking structure, I mean I haven't seen MP with Kapstadt yet, but if I read those setlists they played with him, there is always something out of place in my opinion...

example: how can "neverland" be played in front of a spacy-prog-20min-song??? This is really strange.
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 03:47PM
It could be simply that they need to do those quick pop/rock-songs right
in front of long jams in order to get "warmed up" and into it. Sorta get
into the groove.

To me, setlist-structure isn't the most important thing. I care more about
the performances. I'm guessing some of you guys want a more clearly defined
setlist (ie. an acoustic section here, a pop-rock section there and a prog-rock
section there), and you don't like it randomly interspersed throughout the set.

But I do agree that hearing Vortex Surfer as song #5 is weird, considering that
it has almost "always" ended their concerts in the past...

Other than that, it's good that there are different opinions.
Otherwise we wouldn't have a lot to discuss grinning smiley

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Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 03:56PM
when did they go on stage...? and how long did they play?

Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 04:01PM
They went on stage 22:30 and played until 00:55.
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 06:13PM
mmhhh some things they should self notice (weird sound, too loud, no struucture on their setlist) - hey man they have 20 years live experience and was a long time the best ( or one of the best) livebands on this planet, or not?
for me they are on the way to loose their good reputation, i mean there was long time no realy good album - the last was trust us - but during their pop phase they were still a fantastic liveband, imho.
if they are going to loose this quality, it would be realy sad.
but as i said before, i didn't see them on this mini tour and can only give a comment about what i read & hear from other persons and my melt experience.
so I'll be very curious about their 2008 tour
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 06:25PM
I timed them to 2hrs 17mins.

About the sound:
I agree with others that the sound was awful, but i don't think it was too loud. far from it. i just think they have a really crap sound engineer. he hardly did any work at all during the show. just stood there, occasionally making small adjustments to the channel group levels. This could easily become "famous last words", but, how hard can it be? two guitars, a drumset and two mics. it seemed like the sound was set for only one song: the beginning of the new songs-jam (other than that only few songs worked - vortex surfer being one of them). obviously the sound has to be adjusted for each song - even during songs.

well, i just hope they'll make a better effort at creating a better live sound in the future.
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 07:30PM
the show was fucking amazing! so hard and dynamic. cant understand the complaints (except on the sound in the beginning). the only thing i think didnt deliver was the audience, most were just standing still.

the new song sounded really, really good, cant wait for the new album, man.
and the alternate serpentine version was great too, kinda dark and gloomy.

if they hadnt come on for the encore i would have understood, they had already delivered more than enough, i was blown away. goddam it was great.
Re: Rockefeller 07.12.2007
December 08, 2007 07:31PM
to me it was crap, both the sound and the setlist, there were good stuff as well but they came too late,

psivert said

"Maybe motorpsycho is becoming a nostalgia-thing for me."

amen to that,

if people had fun i`m glad,

and i will let someone else have my place on the gallery next time,
and see them again when they do one album shows
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