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effenaar, 28-05-08

Posted by b-mineur 
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effenaar, 28-05-08
May 28, 2008 11:51PM
Instant, urgent and out of this world:

1. she left on the sun ship
2. kill devil hills
3. sail on
4. greener
5. upstairs/downstairs
6. glow
7. hogwash
8. watersound
9. year zero
10. triggerman
11. heartattack mac
12. the alchemyst
13. LLM
14. Vortex surfer

(....is there a prize for posting fastest after a gig? :-) )

more comments to follow....
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 12:12AM
A toast to victory tomorrow at the Tivoli iz ze prize, winking smiley

Can't wait!
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 12:56AM
There I was thinking I would be the first to post a setlist;-)

I can't find words to describe the show. Truly awesome probably comes closest. The Effenaar seemed less crowded then it usually is for an MP show. It was fantastic nonetheless. Very good set list, many highlights, very few boring moments. Overall the sound was very loud (from where I was standing), in the loud parts the vocals were not very audible. But that's minor quirks...

The drummer seems to be radiating with energy. Just when you think he can give no more, he simply takes it one step higher. Snah was really on fire, great guitar, great vocals and then the awesome Moogtaurus or whatever it is called. Bent a bit more in the background than he used to be, but still seemed to be 'supervising' the whole thing. The 2nd encore showed it's definitely not problems with his vocals...

The new songs were great, Year zero was maybe the absolute highlight. In addition, nice set of songs from older albums. Greener, Vortex surfer, Watersound, never thought I'd here these live again.

Definitely a very good show. Now I'll have to consider going to Tivoli tomorrow. Choices choices...

(btw they played from 20:45 to about 23:20)

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Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 01:00AM
1. she left on the sun ship
2. kill devil hills
3. sail on
4. greener
5. upstairs/downstairs*
6. glow*
7. hogwash*
8. watersound*
9. year zero
10. triggerman
11. heartattack mac*
12. the alchemyst
13. LLM
14. Vortex surfer

*video taped ;-)
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 09:22AM
*video taped? cool! but why not the whole show?!!?
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 10:11AM
Excellent. Please share the video!!!

Brilliant gig. Very, very loud and very, very good. Greener, for cying out loud!
Little Drummer Boy is an animal. It's really fun to watch the guys communicate on stage. They're having a lot of fun.

Highlights for me last night:
Year Zero
Heartattack Mac
Hogwash (Echoes inspired intro?)
the Alchemyst
fuck it, it was all great!

Wouldn't mind a bit of Taifun tonight, tho.

Fun to meet Akane and Jonne again. (But where were all the rst of you guys and gals?)

Rock on!

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Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 10:56AM
Blown away! The set was very heavy on the jam songs. Would've liked to hear Hey Jane, No Evil or Like Always too - but hey, I should not complain.

Bent's vocals were indeed a bit inaudible and there was a little too much guitar, but maybe that's because I was standing in front of Snah.

Hats off, thumbs up and thousands of kudo's to Kenneth Kapstad!
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 12:27PM
norman Wrote:
> *video taped? cool! but why not the whole show?!!?
due to a lack muscles and memory cards...
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 12:42PM
What a great concert. Beautifully spaced setlist I thought, great shifting from loud to quiet and every shade in between. Mr. Kapstad is a monster. And they played 'Greener', which I wanted to hear for so long, as well as 'Heartattack Mac'.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you...

Again tonight? Please! See you all in Utrecht, have fun!


Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 02:04PM
ruuntje Wrote:

> Hogwash (Echoes inspired intro?)

WHAT!? Get me a recording of this ASAP!
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 03:49PM
great show. thats why i come over here. cant thank enough to the band.
hogwash was the best one in my experience. thril, long, energy, god, it was too good. also greener and upstaires, both are my fave snah songs, and with his cool vocals nowadays, it was very very nice.
also still bent is the guy, yes, and kenneth, whata drummer he is! real surprise.
happy that the first one on this tour to me was like that. this band is still in progress...


Rune, what time you go there? im ready...hehe...
Prof. Stoned
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 04:27PM
IMO, this was not that great a show ...
But there were things that struck me as postive.
The drummer, for example.
He was an 100 % improvment on the previous one.
Really had it going, and the band sounded a lot better because of it.
I enjoyed the version of Greener a lot.
Snah sang it well, with feeling and it didn't evolve in some end-/pointless jam (unlike many other songs).

What is it w/ Motorpsycho and the Effenaar ?
For some reason the shows there always seem to be the ones with an xtra dose of space/one-chord noodling. In the past (say ten years ago), the jamming parts seemed a lot more exciting (STG -or even K9- spring to mind).
But ever since mp started to make more conventional records (starting w/ LTEC), the live jams have become less and less interesting.
Maybe because the newer songmaterial just doesn't lent itself too well for this purpose ? Or is that I have stopped smoking weed ? Probably a bit of both...

And yes, the sound was really LOUD, it was hard to hear what was going on during the Loud parts.
But at least you could more or less hear everything this time -although the guitar was somewhat overbearing to my taste.

The Visuals. Think: Tv-hiss w/ VHS-tracking-kind-of-effect, mixed w/ some unrelated footage. No variation, no interaction with the music whatsoever, and on a way too small screen (although that didn't really matter in this case).

Last but not least, Bent's vocals.
It almost seemed like 1994 again, except that his screams where not as powerful. Thát's ok though, we all get a little older.
But the out-of-tune singing is really not pleasant.

Truth to be told, I wouldn't have gone to this show of it wasn't for my lovely girlfriend who -like me- has followed mp for a long time.
I thought the Effenaar show in 2006 was pretty bland already.

Over and out.
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 08:01PM
Harsh words man! But i have to agree with bent's vocals. Snah sings very good these days (practice makes perfect), but as for bent, it seems like his live vocals get worse and worse for every tour.
Another annoying thing is him forgetting the words more and more.

But apart from that, i think you're way off! But that's just me.
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 08:47PM
I can only speak for the Lausanne gig, but Bent's singing was just fine there. No memory loss either. I never felt any quality declining over the years. Au contraire actually. Then again, the feeling's gotta be there first anyway, followed by some pitch if it really can't be avoided. winking smiley

Tonight I go hear J Mascis sing. Yay. grinning smiley
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 08:57PM
@Ruuntje: Echoes? Didn't hear that... I was convinced during the first few minutes it would evolve into She used to be a twin, until it all of the sudden clearly became Hogwash... My highlights are the same ones you mentioned.

@Prof Stoned: I have the same feeling about the one-chord jams, many times they seem to distract from the show rather than adding something, like they used to. For me, a minor annoyance that the rest of the show more than compensated for, I really liked it... some sound issues, only a couple "weak" songs (for me: sail on, glow), can't really complain

Hopefully "someone" taped it?winking smiley
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 09:57PM
being back in grey and rainy london, while you guys are all enjoying yourself at the tivoli, my thoughts on the eindhoven gig. it’s my only show this tour (work....), so i can’t compare it to any others.

the bend was very loud; my ears are still ringing. and it seemed the guitar was very dominant indeed in the mix. certainly for me; my head was virtually inside snah’s monitors.

i was a bit apprehensive of getting heavy rock jamming only. i think they do that great when they do it, but whenever i go to a gig –any band- , i want those dynamics. i want to be awed by the heaviness, and the tenderness in one show. anyway, as mentioned, there were lot of great jams, loads of noodling and those magic moments are still present.

on the first 3 songs they seemed a bit tired, but the stretch from greener to h-mac was incredible. all played in a long sequence with only a short break between watersound and year zero. great jam leading into hogwash; the structure reminded me a lot of tristano (although the bass riff was very different). and as said, this came close to the middle part of echoes (before the seagull sounds) and could easily have evolved into that song. mp jamming somewhere between tristano and echoes: more of that, please!

also, really enjoyed the moog in watersound and year zero is the best of the new songs. would very much like to hear that one again.

but to single out a highlight for the show: the middle part of triggerman was very cool. great interaction between bent and snah, and

great to meet rune and akane, as always. enjoy yourselves and let's hope we'll find ourselves at the front row again this autumn.

now off to listen to the berlin recording. share your thoughts on the tivoli gig please!
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 29, 2008 10:21PM
on the topic of singers forgetting their lyrics: i don't mind it all. in fact, i like it when that happens. i went to see nick cave and the bad seeds 3 times earlier this month. at all 3 shows, he forgot lyrics by the bucketload. but it's fun, and somehow i think it breaks the barrier between the audience and the band a little bit.

and we're talking rock shows, not opera recitals.
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 30, 2008 01:26AM
I am SO happy that I had the opportunity to catch the band again tonight in Utrecht because I did not enjoy Eindhoven one bit. I even left early!

And guess what, with a little 'vergelijkingsmateriaal' (I love that word; "material for comparison"winking smiley now having just seen them in all their glory in Tivoli, in my opinion the venue was the major problem last night.

The sound was problematic, the video footage was totally distorted and the lighting was terrible, with Kenneth bathed in this blinding light for much of the show, which was really distracting along with the migraine-inducing film footage, which, I should point out, worked much better tonight in Tivoli, where it did not have the same endless old time VHS 'tracking error' of breakups and shocks as it did at the Effenaar.

The 'new Effenaar' is a soulless concrete tomb with no shred of the spirit or vibe of the old place, which incidentally started going downhill before the move. But I am not embarking on any sentimental journey about the good old days, the cold hard technical facts speak for themselves: the acoustics are a joke, the layout is ridiculous, the interior is hideous, the lighting is harsh.

All in all it was no setting for the organic sounds of Motorpsycho. Actually, the only good concert I have ever seen in this concrete monstrosity was CocoRosie, who filled up the barren wasteland of a stage with pianos, harps, tables with sampling equipment and assorted homemade instruments. Plus, they had not one but two screens with films projected on them, and no technical difficulties with that. The lighting was very subdued, too. Quite different from last night when there were just the three psychomen and the out of proportion screen and the acoustics problem.

In closing, I would like to share this anecdote. At the recent Silver Mt Zion show in Nijmegen, Efrim was marvelling at the surroundings, expressing gratitude to be in the Doornroosje, and announced, "Holland. You have a problem. You are building boxes and putting bands in them."
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 30, 2008 06:43PM
Me also I like the visuels to be more relate to the music, like when there is a song called Jane there is picture of girl called Jane, like they did in Firenze.

And, there is something wrong with the signal? always it is like bad television, maybe they make for fun?

Was it like this in Roma?
Re: effenaar, 28-05-08
May 30, 2008 08:13PM
Visuals? I thought it was a screensaver!
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