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Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08

Posted by Be 
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Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 01:58AM
Just came back from Hamburg

They started with Un Chien d'Espace and ended with the GoldenCore!!

No, just kidding, here's the setlist:

Sunship (with some Blueberry Daydream)
Nothing to Say
U Loose
Sail On
Year Zero
Hogwash--> Halleluhwah (Can) --> Hogwash
Heartattack Mac
Kill Devil Hills
The Alchemyst
Vortex Surfer

Good gig, but not as good as Bremen yesterday, mainly because the sound was not half as good as yesterday. Starting with Hogwash Bent's bass droned out everything. This - in my opinion - is mainly due to the crappy place the Fabrik is: Pillars, Corners, Walls and Ceilings just everywhere. That's guaranteed to give some nasty reflections. It also strangely separates the crowd into different regions. I don't understand why they don't play the Markthalle, Docks, Grünspan or Große Freiheit. Everything would be better.

More talking today. Singalong to Nothing to Say and even some crowd animation by Bent.

The crowd was very enthusiastic on the one hand, but there were also loads of talkers, like the bloody moron just behind me that was babbeling through all the begining of Vortex Surfer. During Vortex Surfer some of Bent's equipment failed which put a little break in the song, which is a shame, because the buildup was lost a bit due to that.

The first encore was - again - a highlight.

Snah and Kenneth have been praised a lot during this tour, but today it struck me again what a great Bass player Bent is! The three of them really get it together.

Is it blasphemy to say that I don't miss Geb anymore...?

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Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 03:09AM
yep, Be's comment tells you the whole thing.

i think the mood and the show itself was better yesterday. but the band itself, today's performance was just killer. still very very heavy, noisey, space-out, and unbelievable playings by Bent. sound was too loud, even beer cup shaking, bumping on the stage, air hit my body all the time w/bass drum or moog sound, but i loved it.

some stupid audience was problems to me, too. but still one of unforgettable shows.

now hope for tomorrow?actually today, last one to me.

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Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 03:44AM
The talking at the beginning of vs was indeed a shame. Behind me was someone who even started to complain about the song, so I started to singalong as loud as I could! hehe
Kenneth is the man!!!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 01:09PM
hogwash > i know you rider > hogwash???!
seriously? wow!!!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 01:19PM
drx Wrote:
> hogwash > i know you rider > hogwash???!
> seriously? wow!!!

I think that this is correct. I am not that familiar with the Tussler songs, but I thought that was what Snah was singing during the quite middle part of Hogwash.

Can anyone confirm this?
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 02:01PM
my pal Gonzo said it was an extract of an "CAN" song! ?
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 03:18PM
Karlson Wrote:
> my pal Gonzo said it was an extract of an "CAN"
> song! ?

We need someone who can truely confim this. I have just listened to some "I know you rider" versions on Youtube and I still think that could have been it, but I am not sure.
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 04:04PM
The sound problems during Vortex Surfer was because a guy from the bar, the one with with ponytail, threatened to beat up the soundman, even if the decibelmeter was correct for the limit of Fabrik.

I stood two meters away, and saw him raise his fist and shout. The soundman got pissed off and started packing his things to leave.

I am planning to deliver my complaint to Fabrik for this, hope all you others will send your protests too.

There´s email address to the management ( hdietrich@fabrik.de, info@fabrik.de, brudna@fabrik.de ), send them a mail an tell them you will not accept that personnel from the club threaten violence, and that you demand an apology for this incident.
I heard someone say Motorpsycho will never again play Fabrik because of this, you should let the club owners know what you think about that. I sure will!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 04:14PM
Karl could you elaborate more about what happened there?

If they never play that venue again, it's fine with me.

It just struck me, that Bent was looking at the girl doing the stage sound, when that happened and not at the sound guy in the hall.
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 05:38PM
yes that is very strong and too bad that this is happen in a non profit culture centre like fabrik.
violence or the threat of violence is generaly absolutley out of the question.
even I wasn't there i'll protest too.
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 08:31PM
...vortex surfer is really the last song you want sound problems in. i thought, damn that´s it! i was standing right next to the sound man when suddenly the entire band sound disappeared (not just bent, i think). i had no idea what had happened, but it´s true, the soundman was really pissed, throwing his headphones on the mixer and starting to pack his things. a really strange situation! meanwhile the band seemed a bit noninvolved, just stood there and made up some kind of middle part. luckily they returned to the finale with full force!

for me it was a great evening! i thought i´d never have the chance to hear them play the old songs again. 2006 was a bit disappointing, but yesterday it was mp at its best! ok, some songs didn´t do it for me (nothing to say, hogwash, sail on), but that didn´t matter much. the show was full of highlights! thank god the machine from hell was there! smiling smiley the basswaves were extremly heavy! even my nosewings vibrated!!! i enjoyed it. great fun to see them interact. they are in such a good mood! i have no words for how good they were.....kenneth is the best drummer i´ve ever seen, snah is absolutely awesome and bent played an incredible bass (and singing was great, too).
they played from 21:30 to 23:50, if i got it right...(which i don´t)
all in all Be is absolutely right with what he´s saying! and after seeing kenneth i don´t think it´s blasphemy....

by the way: i accidently met snah in front of the fabrik. it was around 3 pm, a friend of mine and lucky me just had a falafel and were walking round the streets as we passed by the fabrik and saw a "tourbus" standing there. we were making jokes about how cool it would be if it was mp´s bus and if we´d meet them and then snah came out of the bus! normally i´m a shy guy when it comes to meeting with famous persons and stuff, but somehow i immediately went straight to him, shook his hand and had a few words for him. he was very nice, but seemed to be a bit tired.
then, right after the show, i found a backstage pass on the ground. don´t know if it´s ok, but i decided to keep it (did not try to sneak in or something). now it´s hanging right next to the ticket on my ticket wall.smiling smiley
and to make it perferct, in the end bent came out, so that i could thank him for everything personally.wow!

sorry guys, for this long post and my poor english!

ps. i´m listening to i know you rider right now. i think it is not the song they were playing, but i might be wrong......

thank you motorpsycho!!!!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 08:56PM
Not much to elaborate on, no more than that there was a stupid bartender who didn´t like the volume (even if it was on the legal side of the limit), and came pushing by me and my friends, to the soundbooth, and raised his fist, threatening the sound engineer.

The sound guy is a pretty big dude, he´d have ripped the guys head of if he wanted, but it still sucks to have some idiot attack the crew.

I hope the club takes this seriously.
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 09:33PM
i was really impressed how bent developed his vocals during the tour. i saw them in berlin and now in hamburg. and it was a world between the 2 shows (especially the singing). the most different part was the refrain of "she left on the sunship". great. he found a way to sing and play that propably "hard-to-play-and-sing-part".

i was standing right in front of the stage and to me it was perfect. especially the the setlist before the encore. man, how they worked... and so many new sounds, it was impressing and mindblowing.

only with vortex surfer i was a bit disappointed. besides the story that you all talk about, it was not really a good choice to play that song in my opinion. a short song like bedroom eyes or feel or something like that would hav satisfied me more after that setlist before. i wasn't at all in the mood. but that is possibly a personal thing. it simply didn't catch me...

but all in all it was really one of the best shows i ever attended and i'm still impressed. all the day some parts of the show blow like bubbles in my mind...

thanks a lot mp.
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 10:41PM

I think they started at 21.30 and finished at about 0:15. The show was very long! I parked around the corner and went almost straight to my car and it was 0:30 when I got there (I remember that).
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 10:42PM
...it was "hogwash-"halleluhwah"(can)-hogwash"...trust me!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 11:37PM

Hallelujah!!! Did anyone tape this??
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 01, 2008 11:42PM
my mistake.
of course you are correct! it was very long! i even remember being impressed that it was close to a 3h show.
smoking smiley
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 02, 2008 12:17AM
Yes, they played 167 minutes. From 21:30 until 00:17. My first MP gig. Great-!
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 03, 2008 01:03AM
That is the first time EVER that I see someone complaining about Vortex Surfer being played...
Re: Hamburg Fabrik 31/05/08
June 04, 2008 05:48PM
Be Wrote:
> That is the first time EVER that I see someone
> complaining about Vortex Surfer being played...

you haven't paid a lotta attention to me then.
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