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2008-10-12: Duesseldorf - Zakk

Posted by theOtherOtherNils 
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Re: 2008-10-12: Duesseldorf - Zakk
October 16, 2008 01:04AM
my first mp concert ever, and it was amazing, simply awesome... (as you can tell, i'm not good with words, so i'm gonna leave this like that, as all the important things have already been said)

thanks for the pics! but next to me (which was the first row, directly in front of bent tongue sticking out smiley), there was a girl shooting fotos with a quite professional looking camera (sorry, i don't know anything about photography, shame on me...), standing in somewhat... artistic poses tongue sticking out smiley so i guess/i hope there might be some more good ones turning up.

and i'm really looking forward to a recording! hope it turns up too. also looking forward to the leuven-gig... damn, still 3 days...

edit: ah, damn, there was supposed to be a recording of the bielefeld gig, not of this one... sorry

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Re: 2008-10-12: Duesseldorf - Zakk
October 16, 2008 10:04AM
Is that a Blonde or a Goldtop Superswede Snah plays in the last picture? A superswede I haven't seen him play before.
Re: 2008-10-12: Duesseldorf - Zakk
October 17, 2008 11:39PM
Anonymous User Wrote:
> tomcat, you're right, i confused you and
> tobi....*G*
> so tobi, yeah i still would like to go there but i
> don't have a car....
> just drop me a line at un.chien.d.espace@gmx.net

Hey, I'm really sorry, but it doesn't look good for me regarding the gig in Nijmegen. Still so much to do, so I guess I won't have enough time. IF I still manage to go, it will be really spontaneous. Unfortunatelly, I haven't got a car either.
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