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Deathprod and Kim Hiorthøy

Posted by Mark 
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Deathprod and Kim Hiorthøy
March 02, 2005 01:06PM
Taken from the PostEverything newsltter. PostEverything is Colin Newman's (of Wire) site for small labels (also offers the possibility to listen to invariably great electronic music).



Norway’s seriously impressive Rune Grammafon label presents examples of contemporary styles, blended with the aesthetics and dynamics of classical composition, heavily influenced by improvisational jazz and art music movements, while remaining unafraid to show pop sensibilities, wraps them in the most amazing artwork, and blows your mind out your ears. You have to hear this stuff to know what we mean.... It’s breathtakingly beautiful, intimidating, playful and serious all at once. Featuring releases from the likes of Deathprod (possibly the greatest name ever), Alog, Tove Nilsen, Nils Økland, Arve Henriksen, Supersilent, Scorch Trio, Spunk, Arne Nordheim, Food, Shining, Phonophani and Strønen/Storløkken, with all artwork exclusively designed and executed by Norway’s premier graphic artist/designer, Kim Hiorthøy, the entire catalogue is a joy to behold... And as cool as a glacier (excuse my cheesiness).

Rune Grammafon’s introduction to the PostEverything website will be marked by the special offer of the first 100 customers to buy a Rune Grammafon release will receive a free copy of the superb label sampler Runeology 2... An ideal way to get to know this exceptional label’s output.

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