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Interview w/ Geb about the departure...

Posted by Kristoffer 
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Interview w/ Geb about the departure...
March 21, 2005 10:32AM
Crossposting from g35: [www.adressa.no]
Re: Interview w/ Geb about the departure...
March 21, 2005 01:52PM
any chance on a translation?

thanx, harry
Re: Interview w/ Geb about the departure...
March 23, 2005 05:22PM
also crossposting from g35:

[by e.h.]
"main geb-quotes, translated in a hurry:
- i'm currently involved in other projects that mean much to me, and that i don't want to put aside to work on a new MP-album. if you want to work with MP, you have to be 110 percent committed, and i didn't have that commitment anymore. then it makes most sense to stop before the process [of recording/creating] has gone too far.
- it's sad, of course. i've been drumming im MP my entire grown-up life. it's like breaking up a long love affair. but once or twice in life you have to make decisions that you don't know the results of, and i've made one of those now.
- the others were taken by surprise, but they understood me very well, and we are still the best of friends. we know each other so well that it would be weird if something like this should diminish our friendship.
- best memories? all the maiden voyages: first tour of europe, first tiem at roskilde and so on. but what i'll miss most is the intuitive interplay. we didn't need to talk - we just played. i'll probably never experience that again, says a visibly moved geb.

and it says that he will be involved with HGH, tussler and other studio projects in the future."

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