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review Plattentests-Online (german)

Posted by marc 
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review Plattentests-Online (german)
March 10, 2006 10:01PM
This review is okay, so I also tried to translate it:

To hit the bull’s eye
After the waiting became almost insupportable, it fortunately is over now. Motorpsycho again, finally! At the end you could have almost been worried, particularly since the last regular album “It’s a love cult” was released three and a half years ago and such a long period of time was something you would have never associated with the Norwegians. But the worries were not completely ill-founded. There was a little crisis in the band and after the leaving of their drummer Håkon Gebhardt, there are only Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Saether left to share the creative tasks and the instruments. A double album again, finally! After all, Motorpsychos biggest accomplishments called “Timothy’s monster” and “Trust us” were also shared on two CDs. Good old Motorpsycho again, finally! Hippie trash is fine with me, but after several albums which were much too pleasing it became obvious that this was not one of Motorpsychos real qualities. Even more the news were delightful, that their comeback would be much more lusty again. So everything would be different with "Black hole / Black canvas". And would it be better?
First, let’s take a look at the length of the songs: there is no track behind the limit of ten minutes, but few of them are close to it. Looking good. And it is: Immmediately, the opening title “No Evil” is middleweight groove monster, almost like stoner rock, until the bloomy voice starts to sing. During the next six minutes, the guitar chords are grinding the lovely performed lyrics, which are defying the calamity of the present. Spam? Stimulus satiation? Frigity? A little of everything. But one can bear up with that. "Oh, hear me calling / Hear no evil / Watch me falling / See no evil / Overload my senses / Speak no evil." The big bang is missing, but therefore the tension is growing even more. And carries us over into “In Our Tree”, after which it is finally possible to make a definite description of the sound which will be confirmed by the rest of the album: Yes, Motorpsycho want you forget the last years, want to be ninties again, almost like “Angels and demons at play”. Hooray!
One thing especially standing out is the groove which is carrying through the album, the guitars are taking zigzag courses everywhere and are hustling the singing voices into the background. On the other hand, the layers are not as thick anymore and the songs are not that long anymore but more broad. Due to that, there is a climax missing sometimes, and one thing that’s especially missing is a potential classic for Motorpsychos halls of fame, alongside “Vortex Surfer” and “The golden core”. An epic masterpiexe, which lasts quite a few minutes and will last quite a few years. The ones which come closest to that are “The 29th bulletin”, some kind of “Vortex Surfer” reprise with strings lasting in six minutes,as well as especially “Before the flood”, but in the end that one makes more use of the resources of the last records: Piano and Gracefulness make your soul flying, and the solos take you back to earth again. Truly moving. This can also be appiled to “Kill devil hills”, which starts like a pop song, just to turn more and more into a noise inferno falling apart, just before Bent Seather, after a silence of a few seconds picks up the pieces to check what’s left to do with them. A special praise has to be made to Motorpsycho for “The ace” and the final "With Trixeene through the mirror, I dream with open eyes", which are unleashed as nice uptempo songs with strange melodies.
All in all Motorpsycho have brought back a few things we’ve been longing for too long. We will be especially feeding for a long time on the dramatic lyrics between angels and deamons, heaven and hell, good and evil, heaven and hell, world and apoclypse. But after all there is no full saturation for us to be found: The melodies are sometimes lacking of the clear distinctiveness, just like the production. And even for someone who cherishes this as the typical trademark of Motorpsycho, it is the question, why some of the songs are not catching them. Nevertheless, at least two thirds of "Black hole / Black canvas" are on a high breathtaking level. Maybe the Led Zeppelin of modern times are just a little behind with their training and it needs maybe one or two more records before they are in world class shape again. But they will be. Really massively.
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