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album of the week / visions / german

Posted by norman 
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album of the week / visions / german
March 17, 2006 09:00PM
here is the link:

English translation
March 23, 2006 01:52PM
Even though it's the album of the week, the review gives a rather bad comment on the record. Strangely if you compare it to the review of "plattentests.de" there are some similarities. Maybe he copied some phraseswinking smiley

The article is quite difficult to translate since the phrasing even in german isn't really good and apart from that the contents are very bloomy at times. So this another rough translation, even if I don't agree with it:

Without the Drummer, Motorpsycho has also gotten rid of all other flourishes and the twosome start to rock again noisy straight on. Result: A rush in the rehearsel room which is a little too unbridled.
Of course, a motorpsycho record can not be really bad. Neither is the 12th one. But even the self-proclaimed die-hard fan has to put up with the question, whom the remaining band members Bent Seather and Snah Ryan are doing a favour with this collection of songs which is bloviated in the end. Their oldschool-fans, who are waiting for another spacerock double opus like “Trust Us” or “Timothy’s Monster”? Only probational, because it not only lacks of sound and dynamic sublimity but also partially of substance (combine it into a condensate of 45 minutes – and here we go!) Those people, which are longing for the kind of sixties sugarcoated pop and clap their hands to “Let them eat cake”? I don’t think so. Both the soulful strings as well as any horn arrangements you’ll be looking for in vain. Soonest they do a favour for themselves: As much obscure and rumbling the sound and as much retrograde some of the songs may be – the fun of making boundless music without all the inhibitory orchestral elements which might inhibit the musicians performance is flowing out of this dark records every pore.
For expamle, when the guys are professionelly tearing apart the end of “Kill Devil Hills, just to deliver an ethereal gleaming finale in addition. And of course, there are also great moments in the compositions, e.g. the swinging fragile melancholic hymn "The 29th Bulletin", or “Sancho Says” which reminds of the “Blissard” period or the final carefree rock song "With Trixeene Through The Mirror, I Dream With Open Eyes". Actually, the whole beginning of the record including the power pop piece “In Our Tree” is boisterous and includes everything the Norwegians are allocated to. A herd of elephants is stoically spomping on dusty desert grass, Seathers pumping bass is nuzzling, Ryan vintage solos are unhibitedly taking zig zag courses. However one will get the hindsight: For the second time (after “Phanerothyme) in their carreer Motorpsycho are walking on trails they’ve been already on even though those trails are mostly of a high quality. In the end this makes me a little sad.
Re: album of the week / visions / german
March 24, 2006 07:26AM
thanks for translating...;0)
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