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More LLM reviews

Posted by otherdemon 
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More LLM reviews
April 01, 2008 09:56AM
Two positive reviews from Norwegian papers:

[www.dagbladet.no] (5 of 6)

[www.dagsavisen.no] (4 of 6)

VG gave it 5 of 6 (although a very short review), but that one hasn't
come online on their website.
Re: More LLM reviews
April 01, 2008 11:26AM
4/6 in Nettavisen [www.side2.no]

The journalist thinks the jam sessions are to long, and that it is easy for a poor listener to loose the grip. Jamming can be fun on stage, but not necessary on a record, he believes. Seems like its the first time he listens to MP. He also says that the hardcore fans probably will like it, but will not draw attention for other listeners.

5/6 in Adressa


He says than Kenneth sounds like "worlds best MP drummer" already
Its not their best record he says, because they hide their strongest abilities as flirting with other music styles, crazy humor and focus on the song. She Left On The Sun Ship must handle criticism again, and the journalist thinks its too long and that he don't get "hypnotized".

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