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Bergens Tidende review

Posted by shakti 
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Bergens Tidende review
April 01, 2008 07:17PM

4 out of 6, and pretty much the same sentiments as most other reviewers; Motorpsycho have chosen to focus mostly on one aspect of their brilliance rather than showing it all, it's not as "complete" an experience as Timothy's or Blissard, but has it's great moments. He compares LLM to Yes' Close to the Edge and says it's one of their best compositions since Blissard, doesn't like Year Zero, likes She Left on the Sunship until the end jam, and compares The Alchemyst to The Golden Core(!).
Re: Bergens Tidende review
April 01, 2008 08:28PM
Haha, Asbjørn Slettemark.

Is it really possible not to like Snahs singing?
Re: Bergens Tidende review
April 01, 2008 11:55PM
He's great on Serpentine
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