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brainwashed review

Posted by motörbed 
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brainwashed review
August 11, 2008 09:46AM

The reviewer thinks "There are good ideas here, but as a whole it stays too close to normalcy rather than going out in left field, which would have served it better."

I kinda agree, even thou i love the album cool smiley
Re: brainwashed review
October 27, 2008 05:57AM
Nah, not a good review.
It's interesting to see how the samples seems selected to prove his point, bad selection. Esp. on LLM & Alchemyst (i guess the last minute, or maybe LLM part 2 would have kinda disproved him...

And yet another review commenting on the suite-thing, I really think MP hit the nail here, every journalist is taking the bait! smiling smiley I guess it is a somewhat satisfying comment to make, calling some band pretentious-this and ambitious-that... but then he suggests it's not pretentious enough.. make up your mind, dammit. tongue sticking out smiley

Other from that, the usual suspects, "boring", "stretched out" etc. Well, valid opinions, I see his point. Still, it occurs to me that he probably haven't given it enough time. But one could say that about any album, so.. (I do think that long songs requires extra time, a lot of information there, and not as easy to skipetyskip to fave tracks etc. You are forced to listen to the "boring" stuff as well. boring stuff needs time)

Ok thats enogugh fanboyism for my part.
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