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Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"

Posted by Welsh rarebit 
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Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"
December 09, 2008 11:27AM
Local Trondheim newspaper Adressa has (no surprise) voted LLM for best Norwegian album 2008. Not difficult to agree. The article also includes a short interview with Bent. Some translated highlights (pretty much everything actually):

- LLM is the best album he has ever made, and he has made a few!
- The Alchymist was initially meant to be a part of The Suite as well, but they figured out that 21 mins was enough...
- He hasn't dared to ask how many copies they have sold, but he is currently reading the Trondheim map closely for a future taxi driving job...
- They have recorded "1 hour of comp" in Chicago, and are going to Duper Studio in Bergen with Jørgen Træen in the new year, with 8-9 new songs in addition to the Chicago recordings. He doesn't know yet if it's going to be single songs or larger suites again. But it is going to be "big and expensive"!
- Bent's own album favourites in 2008: Endless Boogie «Focus Level», Peter Broderick «Home», Böhren Und Der Club of Gore «Dolores» og Elephant 9 «Dodovoodoo».

Adressa interview 09.12.08
Re: Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"
December 09, 2008 01:44PM
I like it how they get recognition, but man I hope he can manage to stay out of the taxi business. That's just plain wrong, great musicians having to resort to driving drunk people around because the music business promotes pop-trash with no artistic value. That really grinds my gears.

At least I've spent some cash on their albums, shows and merchandise. I'm there for you, Bent!
Re: Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"
December 09, 2008 05:01PM
Relax. I think the taxi business was meant as a joke actually. Bent also said that they did quite well (better than ever) concert-wise (in the context I presume he meant financially - even though it could of course been musically. Or both in fact).
Re: Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"
December 09, 2008 05:37PM
Aftenposten/Oslopuls voted LLM the 17th best album of 2008 (note that they lumped International
and Norwegian releases together)


Had they separated the two, LLM woulda been #3 (after Tommy Tokyo and Madrugada)
Re: Best album 2008 + interview in "Adressa"
December 09, 2008 07:29PM
@rarebit: Yeah, perhaps it was.. I just got all revved up thinking about it.
Hehe, Bent likes Bohren & der Club of Gore...
Very good album indeed, a band to see live
for those who don't know them, I could describe it as
music for Lynch movies, doom Jazz, the slowest music I ever heard
great album! Just have a listen
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