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Best band/best album/best song in Aftenposten

Posted by TraktorBass 
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Best band/best album/best song in Aftenposten
December 23, 2008 07:25PM
Sorry I don't have a scan yet, but todays Aftenposten announced Motorpsycho is the best band of the year, that Little Lucid Moments the best album of the year and Suite: Little Lucid Moments is the best song of the year. They also said Bent almost won best artist of the year, but lost to Thom Hell. Bent was referred to as "småskummel", or 'a little scary'. Don't know what that's all about.

Anyway, this is pretty cool!

edit: Aftenposten is one of the three most popular newspapers in Norway, and easily the most serious/non-tabloid of the three.

edit 2: [oslopuls.aftenposten.no]

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Re: Best band/best album/best song in Aftenposten
December 25, 2008 11:28AM
To me, LLM is one of the best MP albums ever. It stands "the test of time", and grows every time I listen to it. I`m surprised that norwegian papers dont`t rate it higher in their "album of the year" lists. It is far better that BH/BC, and I can`t wait to hear the recordings from last summer!
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