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20 year anniversary article

Posted by otherdemon 
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20 year anniversary article
January 01, 2009 10:23PM

Bent interview.
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 02, 2009 11:55AM
Good stuff smiling smiley
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 03, 2009 10:56AM
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 03, 2009 11:30AM
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 28, 2009 02:13PM
the Google translation service is a funny thing:

20 years of Motorpsycho

The fall of 1989 sounded the first chord of a noisy band with a lot of screaming and Fuzz guitar. Today is Motorpsycho diamanten the Norwegian rock.

- 20 years doing something with you, both as a musician and human being. The best part is that we learn something all the time. For example, it is only now I really have learned how to play bass, smiles Bent Sæther fooled.

39-year-old from Snåsa Motorpsychos's artistic center. Aha experience with bass guitar imbue his Kenneth Kapstad. The former Gåte-drummer took place gradually to Gebhardt when the latter joined in 2005.

- Kenneth has given the band a new dimension. Which led me into the new world of bass guitar, explains Bent.

It all started during the salmon festival in Grong in 1986. What Bent actually did there, he does not remember. What Steinkjer-guitarist Hans Magnus Ryan (Snah) did there, is also something that gets lost in the fog. The point is certainly that it was where and when the two met for the first time.

- We were the two with the longest hair. And while Hans Magnus had Ritchie Blackmore on the T-shirt I had Ozzy. This contact was established and the course pointed out, he really would not play the bass.

Bent Sæther would rather not sing, but when Motorpsycho closed doors to the world for their first assignments, they lacked both the bassist and vocalist.

- You could say that things forms a little along the way. But we were more structured and eventually developed our own form of insulation against the world, he rekapitulerer.

Action which was taken the first steps on the way to the status of the group today. On his own, uncompromising manner Motorpsycho has established its own niche where rock meets jazz and metal for Psychedelic show. A niche that has given the band three spellemann rates and eternal legend

It was the society in Trondheim tendencies to what eventually became Motorpsycho began to heal. Having gone the last two years of high school in Steinkjer, Bent moved to Trondheim to study English at Dragvoll. Random meetings led him into the student radio environment in society. There were new and old contacts linked reinforced. And Bent got to do what he actually came to do: Play hard.

The first demo - "Maiden Voyage" was released in 1990. The year after coming debut CD "Lobotomizer". Inspired by pønk and grunge band established themselves in communities around Uffa and Svartlamon. The chat began to move about the store that was brewing.

- But it was some years before we had opened the right doors for us. There was also some years before we earned money. There were some trips through Employment to say it like that, recalls Bent.

The big break came with "Demon Box" in 1993. The album is today considered one of the band's most important and best publications and set the standard for what was to come.

At the same time did the trio Bent, Snah and Gebhardt it a little difficult for themselves. Compositions assumed demanding formats. What set that cast in the studio, did not work as well live.

- It was as if we drove us fast. But we found the way out. It came via Tussler songs. I found that I had to do something else and began to fun with country. The music style in itself is ingenious, but far too many practitioners have almost "killed" in both style and interest in it, describing Bent.

The first Tussler songs were written in 1993 and released in a limited edition of 1,000 items. on E-bay. With years exploded both demand and price - the direct cause of that a new version of the album was recorded and released 11 years later.

- Tussler thing did something with me. It was that I was reset again and was suddenly on the songwriting with new enthusiasm, he recalls.

The following year Tussler success two things happened almost simultaneously that would come to mean much for Bent Sæther. First joined Gebhardt as a drummer in Motorpsycho. So was her son Jonathan was born.

- Jonathan has meant a lot for me as a human being. After two years of chaos as fog added Dad, I came out as a completely different person. After a Innadvendt life with myself in focus every minute of the day, I did well to be second choice in my own life. Sure it has affected me as a musician as well, he fast.

Gebhardt goodbye perhaps came as a shock and required some adjustment. But when the gunpowder smoke in them, and Kenneth Kapstad popped up behind the drum kit on stage, dropped a new piece in place.

Perhaps the most direct cause of the Motorpsycho in serving the fans "Little Lucid Moments" - after many year's best rating plate and the group's biggest moment since the "Demon Box".

- It works very well right now. Hans Magnus and I have always complemented each other perfectly on the show and now we have with us a drummer who both deliver, influence and inspire. Over July, we in the studio to play us a little with regard to the new disc, and with a new year, it also new concerts, laws Bent.

39-year-old from Snåsa call Motorpsycho his life. He can not decided that he should be able to live on something else. And even if the conditions change over the years, has uncompromising Bent Sæther long ago learned the noble art called adaptation.

- We can not let us on the impact of what everyone around us think and feel. We must develop ourselves within our own borders. I think 2009 will be an exciting year, he smiles and rusler in hålkete Trondheim streets.
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 28, 2009 10:06PM
Memo to Google Translation Service:
Don't quit your day job.
Re: 20 year anniversary article
January 29, 2009 10:24AM
Favorite part:

"First joined Gebhardt as a drummer in Motorpsycho. So was her son Jonathan was born."
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