[reader's poll results 1998]

People were asked to name their 3 favourite records and 5 favourite songs. The results are brought to you in association with Paul Caspers and Terje Rosten!


223 Timothy's Monster 187 Trust Us 176 Demon Box 109 Blissard 81 Angels And Daemons At Play 20 Starmelt 17 8 Soothing Songs For Rut 15 Lobotomizer 15 Mountain 14 Another Ugly EP 9 The Nerve Tattoo 7 The Tussler 7 Manmover 5 Ozone


121 Vortex Surfer 115 The Golden Core 78 Plan #1 62 S.T.G. 58 Watersound Un Chien d'Espace 45 Kill Some Day 36 The Wheel The Nerve Tattoo 35 Hey, Jane 33 Mountain 31 Demon Box 30 Sinful, Wind-borne 28 Radiance Freq. 26 Wearing yr Smell Junior 24 Taifun Starmelt/Lovelight Nothing to Say Flick of the Wrist 22 Manmower 21 Waiting for the One 18 Mad sun 16 Now it's Time to Skate 15 Heartattack Mac Feel 14 Trapdoor 577 13 Hogwash 12 Walking on the Water The Ocean in her Eye She Used to be a Twin Giftland 10 Sister Confusion Like Always In the Family >>drug thing<< 9 Young Man Blues Sunchild 8 Home of the Brave 7 Superstooge 6 The One who went away s' Numbness Ozone Have Fun Greener Feedtime Come on in Back to Source 5 The House at Pooneil Corners Psychonaut Pills, Powders & Passion Plays Mantrick Muffin Stomp Fool's Gold Blueberry Daydream 4 True Middle The Skies are full of... Wine? Timothy's Monster Stalemate Lighthouse Girl Leave it like that A Shrug and a Fistful 3 Tuesday Morning Sterling Says Step Inside Again Sister Confusion (confused version) Sheer Profoundity Grindstone Evernine All is Loneliness 2 Wishing Well The Wait Sungravy Step Inside Some Real Mindfuck On my Pillow Loaded Into the Sun Frances Coventry Boy Baby Jesus II Another Ugly Tune Accute Nicotine Withdrawal Symptons 7th Dream 1 Watching You Valis The Ballad of Pat and Put Summertime is Here Star Dancer vs Car Cancer President Block Of Bacons & Beams Nathan Daniel's Tune from Hawaii Jr Instamatic I know you, Rider Hogwash (tussler) Heaven & Hell Have Spacesuit, will Travel Frances (tussler) Fleshharrower Beautiful Sister Babylon A Saw Sage full of Secretion