[radio/TV broadcasts]

A big big thank you to Harald Are Lund and his NRK radio crew for all their Motorpsycho recordings and broadcasts.

Location Date Broadcast/Media Songs Comments
Trondheim 1991? U direkte, NRK TV Home Of The Brave Outside a gas-station somewhere in Trondheim.
Trondheim 1993? StudentTV'en Waiting For The One Acoustic. Does anybody have a recording of this?
Roskilde, Denmark 1993-07-01 NRK Radio Home Of The Brave / The House At Pooneil Corners / Sheer Profoundity / Nothing To Say / Loaded / The One Who Went Away / Mountain / Step Inside Again/Walk On Guilded Splinters / Demon Box Remarkable good gig. Bent said after the show that was on their top 10 ever.
Roskilde, Denmark 1993-07-01 NRK Radio Waiting For The One / Sunchild / I Know You Rider Acoustic backstage.
Sentrum Scene, Oslo 1994-03-11 NRK Radio Plan #1 / The One Who Went Away / Mountain / Sheer Profoundity / Nothing To Say / Home Of The Brave / Flesharrower / Feedtime / Kill Some Day Long long version of the majestic Home Of The Brave. This was a co-headling show with Seigmen.
C.S.O.A. IL FARO, Rome, Italy 1994-05-26 RADIO RAI I Home Of The Brave / Giftland / Junior / Another Ugly Tune / Feedtime / Fleshharrower / Nothing To Say / Mountain / The One Who Went Away / California Dreamin' / Plan #1 Very early and not-so-rehearsed version of On My Pillow. Lars Lien sings on Junior. Snah sings on Flesh. Mountain is almost 25 mins long.
??? 1994-09-10 Transit, P3 Watersound, Wearing Yr Smell, Now It's Time To Skate Acoustic. Superb set, 2x guitar, bass, banjo, kazoo, percussion.
┼s Landbruksh°yskole, Norway 1994-10-05 NRK Radio A Shrug & A Fistful / Flick Of The Wrist / The Wheel Features a long and very impressive guitarpart by Snah in the yet to be released Flick Of The Wrist.
Netherlands (VPRO Studios in Hilversum?) 1995-04-12 VPRO Radio The Wheel / Feel Acoustic session. Later The Wheel was released on the Tatoo single
Down on the Farm Festival, Norway Summer 1995 NRK Radio Lazy Days / Alabama / Six Days on the Road / A Memory / Bird Song ITS gig, opening for the festival.
Oslo, Norway 1996-02-?? Wiese, NRK TV The Nerve Tatoo  
Veita Scene, Trondheim 1996-02 Student TV'en Plan #1 / Greener / Nerve Tatoo Also an interview with Snah and Bent.
Italy 1996-02-?? Swiss radio stg 5'35 / the wheel 2'45 / the matter with her 3'42 / a tussler tune 1'42 / mad sun 5'16 / the nerve 4'50 / greener 5'03 / sinful, windborne 4'40 / feel 3'00 / samba macintosh (a brazilian sort of enetrtainement...) 0'38 / greener 5'42 (a much better version...) I recorded in Milan in early feb '96. They flew here to do some promotianal for the former Italian record company Flying records. I used my professional dat and I used the material for Swiss radio, Italian language, where I broadcast a 2 hour long programm based on indie/sonic scene.... Unfortunately some songs are weakly disturbed by my funckin' microphone I work with... But nevermind the set level is emotionally incredible! It was such an intense to record the session in a friend house! (Luca Testoni lukajevo@mv.itline.it)
Rockefeller 1996-03-09 NRK Radio Watersound / Wearing Yr Smell / Starmelt / Nothing To Say / Sinful, Wind-borne/ A Shrug & A Fistful / Youngman's Blues / Heartattack Mac / True Middle / All Is Loneliness / S.T.G. / Plan #1 / The Nerve Tattoo / Hogwash / The One Who Went Away / Fool's Gold There seem to be 20-30 CDs with this gig somewhere in Norway. We can call it a private collection and not a bootleg. Includes the then unreleased Starmelt and Heartattack Mac. The Mac version is pretty different from the AADAP recording and it has (a bit of) Back To Source on the end. Bent singing some lines by Sonic Youth in there.
Kristiansand, Norway (The Quarfestival) 1996-07-0? NRK Radio Hogwash / Into The Sun / Heartattack Mac / True Middle / Back To Source / S.T.G. / 40 Creep / Nothing To Say This version of Mac being more like the later studiorecording.
Rockefeller 97 1997-03-14 NRK Radio S.T.G. (11:32) / Kill Some Day (5:54) / Like Always (3:36) / Heartattack Mac (9:26) / Pills, Powders + Passionplays (4:02) / The Nerve Tattoo (4:32) / Young Man's Blues (5:44) / Starmelt, Lovelight (3:23) | Un Chien d'Espace (17:10) / Sideway Spiral II (3:26) / Walking on the Water (3:40) / The One Who Went Away (3:22) / Nothing to Say (11:24) / Into the Sun (5:46) / The Golden Core (14:53) Awesome version of STG. Hogwash was left out. This exist on CD-R.
Studentersamfundet, Trondheim 1997-03-21 Student TV'en S.T.G. / Nothing To Say / Sinful, Wind-borne / You Lied (half)
Lowlands Festival, Netherlands. 1997-08-22 Radio 3 VPRO/NPS/VARA Mantric / S.T.G. / Flick Of The Wrist
Studentersamfundet Trondheim 1998-03-06 Student-TV'en Psychonaut / You Lied / Hey, Jane / Ozone / Flick of the Wrist / S.T.G. / Hogwash / Vortex Surfer 1 hour from the gig. Broadcast 1998-04-12. Filmed with 3 cameras. Mixed with some old interviews featuring Killer and Deathprod, accoustic Waiting for the One and Hogwash (Geb on vocals) from 1992, and rare old clips.
Folken, Stavanger, Norway 1998-03-21 NRK Radio The Skies are Full of... Wine? (acc) / Blueberry Daydream (acc) / Waiting for the One / Superstooge / You Lied / Flick of the Wrist / Coventry Boy / S.T.G. / Ozone / Starmelt / Young Man Blues / Un Chien d'Espace / Hogwash Psychonaut and Vortex Surfer were left out. Also exists on CD-R. Broadcast on 1998-06-29.
Fritz Corner, Stockholm 1998-03-25 Sveriges Radio P3 Hey, Jane / Starmelt / Young Man Blues / Heartattack Mac / Superstooge / You Lied / Psychonaut / Vortex Surfer 55 minutes of the gig. Vortex Surfer was cut off. Shame on them!
VIVA Motorpsycho special 1998-06 VIVA, Germany -the skys are... (acoustic session) -starmelt (live) -hey jane (video) -the wheel (acoustic) -evernine (live) -feel (both acoustic and live) -stg (live, not complete) -manowner (acoustic) -superstooge (live, not complete) -waiting for the one (acoustic) -un chien (live, very short extract) -unknown one, probably "other other fool" (live) -wishing well (acoustic) just saw the mp-special on viva and it was really good; better than i expected. They even talked about us and the people who keep the homepage and the g-35 running. Of course they made a bit fun of the whole thing ("you can read there which clothes we wore on stage last night") but also pointed out that it┤s a pretty interesting thing for them, especially when they are on tour as they get the reactions to their concerts (so, if you read this now: Keep on writing this wonderful soundtrack!(Sometimes i like to be a bit patethic, but i think i can afford.))
Roskilde Denmark 1999-07-03 NRK P3 1. Psychonaut
2. High Time
3. Hogwash
4. Starmelt/Lovelight
5. All is Loneliness
6. Hey, Jane
7. Waiting For The One
8. You Lied
9. Black To Comm
10. Vortex Surfer
Poor sound, produced by Finnish radio. Broadcast in october.

There's also a lot of unofficial audience-recorded tapes out there. Try g-35 or marketplace!