[Motorpsycho taper section now opened]

As of 1999-04-01, it is now official that there is a taper section at every Motorpsycho gig. The taper section is a small patch at the back of the venue, where it is allowed to bring in your portable DATs, Minidisc recorders, dictaphones or whatever, to record the gig. At larger concerts, the section will be marked with red bands, similar to the bands used at crime scenes. But on smaller places, the booth containing the mixer and the sound engineer Pidah Kloos, doubles as the taper section. This will be the arrangements for most of the 1999 spring tour. Tapers wishing to use the taper section, must report to Kloos no later than 15 minutes before the gig commences.

Exceptionally, if it's a large mixing desk, tapers will be allowed to plug their machines into any free aux or group outputs of the mixer. Ask about this at the gig.

Here is an official announcement by Bent on this:

Given the quality of recent Motorpsycho gigs, it has oftened annoyed me that so few high quality audience recordings are being made. Open music is the core philosophy of the Motorpsycho movement. The grant to record the shows in the taper section is given on one small condition: we won't tolerate any bullshit. Don't bring your old analog Sharp walkman in there, use high quality recording equipment. Then we'll all be pleased, and many people will enjoy this great music for a long time to come!

B.S april 1999.