taken from 'Phanerothyme'.

The site says that the tuning for this song is E A D G G D but of course by
guitar teacher was stubborn enough to figure it out with the standard tuning.


F:		snah starts	Am:		C/G:		G
e ------------	singing:	------------	------------	------------
b ------------			------------	------------	------------
g -------2----			-------0----	-------0----	-------4----
d ---3--------			---2--------	---2--------	---5--------
a -----3------			-----3------	-----3------	-----5------
e -1----------			-5----------	-3----------	-3----------

Ab:		Eb:		Bb:		C:		C#:
e ------------	------------	------------	------------	------------
b ------------	------------	------------	------------	------------
g -------5----	----------12-	-------7----	---------9--	-------10---
d ---3--------	----10-------	---8--------	---10--------	---8--------
a -----3------	-------10----	-----8------	------10-----	-----8------
e -4----------	-11----------	-6----------	-8----------	-9----------

Eb		Em7 9
e ------------	-----x------
b ------------	-----3------
g ----------12-	-----0------
d ----10-------	-----4------
a -------10----	-----2------
e -11----------	-----0------

it's easy after all that's been said and done to you,
Am              C/G                      G

the sun ain't gonna set unless you want it to

it's an easy bet that you're sensing their honesty and poetry is makebelieve
             C/G                           G

come on give in, say it straight now, whatever goes down
Ab      Eb       Bb     C                 C#   Eb   Em 7 9

as always somewhere else is a better place to be,
Am                  C/G	             G

you will never know unless you've been there

obscured in misery, tired of guilt-tripping

up and down, you've been around aimlessly

eyes brighter, your touch is lighter, still I can feel the strain
Ab   Eb	       Bb            C              C#    Eb       D        Am

so good to complain, so good to complain, so good
   D       Am           D       Am           D

but I'm looking forward, I don't get bored
        Eb      Bb         C         G

'cause I never felt certain
         Ab         Am

who's behind the curtain
Ab               Am         Ab

so when you wish to go away to heaven knows, some place to pray
Em                                                         Bm

what am I to say?

it's not easy to watch the way you push yourself on down
         G                 F#m	                    Em

D	Bm	A	G	F#m	Em

spanish guitar solo:
e -7----------------7---10---7----------------7---10--14p10--------------
b ---10---8p7-8----8------------10---8p7-8---8---------------10h12p10--8-
g ----------------9-------------------------9----------------------------
d -----------------------------------------------------------------------
a -----------------------------------------------------------------------
e -----------------------------------------------------------------------

e ---7---10---14---10---12--10---12--10--12--14--10--12--14--------------
b --8--------------------------------------------------------------------
g -9---------------------------------------------------------------------
d -----------------------------------------------------------------------
a -----------------------------------------------------------------------
e -----------------------------------------------------------------------

but I still adore you, I'm happy for you,
      Eb     Bb	           C     G

as long as I'm blindfolded, I'm blindfolded
   Ab	              Am      Ab       F

it's easy after all if you feel like going home,
Am              C/G                  G

you are free to go and who can stop you

and I'll be standing by, watching - waiting

'till we're done having fun and say goodbye

Tab by Martin Zant
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