Have Fun

TRANSCRIBED BY JON FOOTE           www.listen.to/whoremoan
  C#m  A    G#d  A    B      F#m   A    E9   B    X4


         F#m A E9 B  X2

         F#m       A       E9               
Too many toys in attic can make you go blind
B             F#m              A          E9    
but thereís a lot of things to hide behind
B         F#m         A        E9               B
Thereís a veil of illusions to mirror the glares
       A     B       F#m
and to keep away the fears
     A      B        F#m
that hide behind the stairs

wow,here you are again!
so cool out on the burning sand
will the heat fry away your fears?
A               B
wait and see if I even care...Have Fun

   F#m A E9 B X4

Now itís four past midnight and you ghosts are all out
                                      B B B B
thereís no telling what itís all about
F#m          A                  E9              B
throw them a dime and they will show you the way
    A         B     F#m     A         B      C#
out of your wishing well-to heaven,or was it hell?



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