This song has very "jam" feel to it, and it`s played with two guitars, so
therefore this tab is somewhat incomplete. But it gives you an idea on how to
play at least the rhythm guitar. The lead-guitar shouldn`t be too hard to figure 
out because it basically uses the same notes as the rhythm. 
I haven`t tried but I suspect the guitars somewhat downtuned.

mainriff (ver.1)                           * end on this chord before verse
mainriff (ver.2)

The mainriff is played during the intro and during the chorus. Im not really
sure which one is the most correct one , so i give you two versions.
It isn`t exactly what they play, but it sounds ok.

after 2nd chorus (x8 means: play chord 8 times)


tabbed by Martin Furan furan@online.no

Home of the Brave
main riff

tabbed by Tore Skogseth
Note: they play it in G#, so to get it right, use capo on 1st fret                                      
Fig 1 (Cmaj7):                                                                                          
4x    3x    2x(listen for rythm)                                                                        
--0-- --3-- --0--                                                                                       
--0-- --0-- --0--                                                                                       
--0-- --0-- --0--                                                                                       
--2-- --2-- --2--                                                                                       
--3-- --3-- --3--                                                                                       
--x-- --x-- --x--                                                                                       
Fig 2(D+D7):                                                                                            
(Listen for rythm)                                                                                      
-(2)- -(2)- -(2)- -(2)-                                                                                 
--3-- --5-- --1-- --0--                                                                                 
--2-- --2-- --2-- --2--                                                                                 
--0-- --0-- --0-- --0--                                                                                 
--x-- --x-- --x-- --x--                                                                                 
--x-- --x-- --x-- --x--                                                                                 
G (Bass goes GGDE GGGDEDE)      
Fig 1 - Dsus4 - D         
Lean on me won?t you,     
               D (fig 2)  
trust me for a while      
G                           D (fig 2)
she said I think I?m cured now     
Cmaj7 (fig 1)                        
I touched her nimble fingers         
Dsus4           D                    
she was shaking like a leaf          
Cmaj7 (fig 1)              Dsus4  D  
I suppose she got what she needed    
Cmaj7 (fig 1)                        
a kid that wouldn?t listen           
Dsus4      D                         
a kid that had no fear               
Cmaj7 (fig 1)        Dsus4  D        
a woman that doesn?t care....       
lean on me ,                                                                                            
                         D (fig 2)                                                                      
won?t you trust me for a while                                                                          
G                             D (fig 2)
her eyes shone like crazy emeralds     
Cmaj7 (fig 1)                          
now the madness is gone                
Dsus4   D                              
now the halo is gone                   
Cmaj7 (fig 1)         Dsus4  D         
no duckling turned to swan             
Cmaj7 (fig 1)                          
no freedom won                         
Dsus4    D                             
American Dream dream on                
Cmaj7 (fig 1)     Dsus4   D            
Lobotomy gets ?em home......           
This is my approximation... I guess you could do other things with it
too, but with this in mind I think the interludes from Lobotomizer   
will fall into place if you want them... Instead of the D-figure (fig
2), I often just use Dsus4-D-Dsus2-D... It kinda works... -- ToSk -  
Now playing The Tussler - to do the tab...                           

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