Mad sun

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Cmaj   Aadd2  Em  G  Dsus4  Am7   G/H  C  G/F#

Cmaj      Aadd2                 Em
With your painted lips and your amphetamin eyes
Cmaj      Aadd2                    G
you could spellbind any man to see sunshine in your lies
Cmaj                Aadd2       Dsus4
but I have seen you way to many times before and I've
Cmaj            Aadd2
seen you crying,knocking on your
boyfriends backdoor
Cmaj          Aadd2                 Em
'n that light      that ain't sunshine babe,it's your
Am7       Dsus4   C
lifelight burning out.

Cmaj          Aadd2                   Em
    There's a mad sun burning on that azure sky but those are
Cmaj           Aadd2      G
deep pools and bottomless hollow lies
     Cmaj                Aadd2            Dsus4
that breaths to life the memories of your childhood blaze and that
Cmaj             Aadd2
rends the beauty from your face and
    leaves you grey
Cmaj            Aadd2                  Em
   'n that light      that ain't sunshine babe
          Am7       Dsus4   C
it's your lifelight burning out

Em                 Dsus4  C
    would you care if I   told you how I feel
Em                  Dsus4   C
    was that look I saw in  you even half way real
Em  G/F#      G     Dsus4    C
    would you laugh and just leave me here to wish
Aadd2                    G/H   C              Dsus4
      to proud to bend I would only crash and burn like a
Cmaj Aadd2  Em
Mad        Sun x4

During solo repeat "Would you care....." chords
Cmaj Aadd2  Em
Mad        Sun x4

transcribed by Stian Brennskag
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