Mad Sun

Acoustic vers.

Standard tuning

Just a mild adjustment to the other tabs.
The acoustic version is a bit different than the electric one,
some of the words and some of the chords are changed.

Don't really know what the chords are called, but you really
shouldn't be bothered by that.

  Cmaj7  A       Em      G/B   D/F#   Am   G   Dsus4

Cmaj7   A   Em

Cmaj7       A                         Em
  With your painted lips and your amphetamine eyes

             Cmaj7        A          Em
  you could spellbind any man to see sunshine in your lies

     Cmaj7            A            Em
  but I have seen you way too many times before

            Cmaj7           G/B            D/F#
  and Iíve seen you crying,knocking on your boyfriends backdoor

Cmaj7            A                    Em
  and that light,that ainít sunshine ,babe ;

            Cmaj7     A       Cmaj7
  Itís your lifelight burning down

  Thereís a mad sun burning on that azure sky
  but those are deep pools and bottomless hollow lies
  that breathes to life the memories of your childhood glades
  and that rends the beauty from your face and leaves you grey
  and that light ,that ainít sunshine ,babe ;
  itís your lifelight burning down

G               Dsus4 Cmaj7
  would you care if I told you how I feel?

Em    D/F# G      Dsus4  Cmaj7
  was that look I saw    even halfway real?

Em      D/F#  G     Dsus4    Cmaj7
  would you   laugh and just leave me here to wish?

Am                          Cmaj7          D/F#
  too proud to bend,I would only crash and burn like a

Cmaj7    A     Em
  mad          sun

         Cmaj7  A    Em
  like a mad         sun

         Cmaj7      A   Em
  like a mad like a mad sun

           Cmaj7    Em  (L to H: 022000)
  like   a mad      sun


Morten Gottschalk
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