Sister Confusion

Tab sent in by Morten Gottschalk

Tuned one step down (DGCFAD)

I've written out the chords I'm using, but of course,
the Am is really a Gm, when you tune the guitar down.
Makes it easier this way.

   Am   G/B   C   D    F   D/F#   Cmaj7   G   Em

The F is possibly an Fmaj7, I'm not sure.
As usual, the timing is YOUR job to figure out!!!


Am  G/B    C    D                 Am   G/B  C  D
Sister Confusion sleeps out on my doorstep

Am    G/B        C       D     Am  G/B  C  D
sheís out there knocking on my door

Am          D/F#      Cmaj7
what do you want this time?

Am         D/F#          Cmaj7
how can a blind lead the blind?

Am     G/B             C            D
itís alright,just you step right inside

      Am    G/B  C  D
to my fireplace

Am  G/B        C     D               Am  G/B  C  D
I know your pleasures too well to refuse

Am          D/F#    Cmaj7
soothe me so I may sleep

Am         D/F#              Cmaj7
lead me on paths too far and steep

  F                        Am
       I know that you can hurt me

       you can make me do things

       I donít want to do

                 Am  G/B  C  D etc....
       Sister Confusion

when the day is dawning

and the nightís still yawning

G        D/F#    G
you show me the way

G     D/F#      Em
on through the day

but I warn you ,sister-

all your crazy mixtures

D                    Cmaj7
might make me lose myself

                  Am  G/B  C  D  etc.
       Sister Confusion

what it all comes down to

is when Iím around you

G      D/F#     G
Iím losing control,

G  D/F#    Em
losing it all

and the road Iím walking,

it dissolves into nothing

D                         Cmaj7
why do I just fuck things up?


                  Am  G/B  C  D etc.
       Sister Confusion

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