SNAFU -- Serpentine EP


Tab written by Gustav Kolstad. If any, please email comments to:


By the way, this is a relatively easy Motorpsycho song from the  Phanerothyme period. Played live this song is somwhat different  from the EP version (I find it a bit more intense live), e.g. that  the middle part (quiet, slow part) is missing. Still it is a great  song easy to jam to and play. The lyrics have been posted (by myself) and commented at g35, so it’s kind of proof read, but I’m still not sure they are 100% correct (there are a couple of words missing).




(SNAFU is short for "Situation Normal - All Fucked Up" for those who didn't know...)


Intro: strumming G (barre on third fret) for a while then progressing into


for a while. The melody line is basically:





d -7-5---5---5-7-5---5--------

a -----8---8-------8---8-7-5--



Verse: C-G-C-G

verse bass progression simulating the synth played at this stage (third line) into the chorus: G# -> G#/G -> F -> D# -> D like this




g ------ 12-------12------10-------8----7-7---

d ----12-------12------10--------8------7-7--- etc...

a -11----11-10----10-8-------8-6-----6--5-5---




Chorus1: D (barre on fifth fret, powerchord)- E (barre on seventh fret, powerchord)last chord in the chorus is played once and followed by:



h ------------------

g ----------------5--

d --------2-0-----5---

a --2-0-------3-2-3--- etc. (listen to the CD to get the timing right)

e ------3-------------


or you can skip the above riff and just go from E to G and then start of

the verse again with the C.




chorus 2: When decending from the "bass riff" above, in stead of playing

the usual D and E play F and G.



The quiet mid section I haven't bothered tabbing.

The loud mid section is a G chord strumming, ending in the following

quick progression:


G (X101212XXx) -> F (X81010XXX) -> E (X799XXX) -> D (X577XXX)


And the continue with the D-E chorus 






Although my aim is getting poor

And I'm running out of steam

Although this song is sung before


chorus 1:



All the words are true


And I feel brand new


I hope the truth shines through




And if I should loose my way again

And feel the way I sometimes do

Not be all that I should be


chorus 1:



All I need is you


And your point of view


To help me see it through


chorus 2:


Cause your such a heavy brew

Clear like morning dew


quiet part (mid section):


You support me when I feel so weak and tired

You will catch me when I fall

You will calm me if I'm all up tight and wired

See how....................


loud part (mid section):


I've been high on a mountain top

I've been deeper than the sea

I've been lost and I've been found

oh but I do it gladly (oh but I do declare?)


chorus 1:



nothing can compare


to coming back to you


and to see your eyes and see the whole SNAFU


chorus 2:


Cause your such a heavy brew

Clear like mountain dew





it's my SNAFU x 6