Stained Glass

with another tuning

Written down by Morten Gottschalk.

As usual, another verison of an already posted tab.
Thanks to Krisern Oftedal for teaching me the main riff,
even though you can't remember it (the tuning too).

Tuning: E B D G A D
Some strumming, some picking, you'll figure it out!

Like stained glass
like ten thousand colours
tinting me gently with waves of light
drowsy,so perfect this shimmer
spinning me slowly into the good night

in tune with all I  am

in dreams I understand

Stained glass ,midnight cobolt
all I remember and all I know
so certain,now for the first time
now for the first time I know what to do
in tune with all I am
in dreams I understand

This is the hard part. I haven't actually figured it out,
so I hope someone can give me a hint. There are som picking
here, but that's not how I play it. It sounds OK I guess:

    be      a         v i r u s

             (This doesn't sound that good...)
             {       }
  steal your control

flow into your iris
and touch your soul

Ok that's it. Help, hints, thanks 'n spanks:
Morten Gottschalk

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