Tab sent in by Morten Gottschalk

Tuning: C# F# B E G# C# (1.5 step down)

As usual I've named the chords as if they were in normal tuning,
but tha shouldn't be a problem.

   D   Bm   G  Em  F

The intro goes something like this (you'll figure it out......):


  D     Bm
I hate you

                 G  D
cause you’re so perfect

        Em     G        D
and you make me feel so lost

   D    Bm
I love you

               G D
because you’re all

     Em G    D
that I never was

  G              D
  You,you had it all

        G               D
  while I just shut the door

      G                     D
  and you,you climbed your mountains

        Em      G         D
  while I just floated ashore

tell me how you do it
show me how it works
tell me all the stories
so that  I may never be hurt


F      D      F     D

F      D

F      D


Too tired to find out what key this is in,
but if you're planning to play it,
it can't be that hard to figure out a solo for it.
(Ikke no dissing av Snah-El. Da jeg så i Timothy's coveret
trodde jeg faktisk han kødda med det (Supermann), men da
jeg så Ben-acc skjønte jeg at noe var galt....)

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