When you're dead

I'm not totally sure about all the words in the lyrics, but I think it's 
mostly correct.
This is transcribed for guitar, but that sort of goes without saying ;-)
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Have fun...


I [Dmaj7]watch you [Amaj7]show
The [Dmaj7]profution of colours, your [Amaj7]petals bestowed
In [Dmaj7]fragnant flares all [Amaj7]through the night
till [Dmaj7]daybreak turns from [Amaj7]blue to bright

[C#]Let me [F#m]know now
[D]Is it [A]now or [C#]is it [F#m]never
[D]Is it [A]for real or [C#]is it for[F#m]ever

Strangeness yet to come
Leaves have died and grown back on
With earth we bade when tired of strife
Of earth we came into this life

middle part:
So [F#m]when you [E]see me [D]fall [A]apart
[F#m]Won't you [E]help me up and [D]guide me back to [A]start
[F#m]Even in my [E]dreams when [D]I'm in [A]doubt
Oh [F#m]Lord won't you [E]help me when [C#]I am down and 

No colours seem right
they faded out into the night
who will turn the light back on
when darkness turns from black to ????


end part:
Everything is great when your dead [D]
Your family surrounds you, there are [A]flowers in your bed.
Everything is just like they [D]said, alike lying down just to [A]feel it

        e a d g h e
Dmaj7   x x 0 2 2 2
Amaj7   x 0 2 1 2 0
F#m     2 4 4 2 2 2
C#      x 4 6 6 6 4
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