[Motorpsycho guitar tunings]

By Paul Caspers

--Latest updates: the list has been completely revised; many --> --tunings edited (Evernine, Ozone, Greener, Psychonaut, Rad Freak, --> --Stooge, Taifun) and some new live tunes added (Other 2x Fool, --> --Dr. Hoffmann, Black to Comm - thanx to Turbo).

0.5 down = D# G# C# F# A# D#
1 down   = D G C F A D
1.5 down = C# F# B E G# C#
drop-D   = D A D G B E

Note #1: Tusen takk til Morten "Turbo" Thobro!

Note #2: I'm not saying all these tunings are correct: they're based on Bent's suggestions from the lyrics-pages, Turbo's live-list and my own experience with playing the tunes.

Note #3: These tunings are for the album versions of the songs; they usually correspond with the live performances, unless where indicated.

Note #3: Some tunings do not correspond with the ones Bent has given with the lyrics: these are marked with an *.

Note #3: Most of the Lobotomizer tunes are tuned somewhere between 0.5 down and 1 down, due to the fact that they had no tuner available back then.

Note #4: Bent's bass is tuned down to the same level as the guitar, unless indicated otherwise.


Song Snah Bent
577* 1 down 1 down
7th Dream* 1 down
A Memory 0.5 down 0.5 down
A Memory (tussler)* 0.5 down 0.5 down
A Shrug & a Fistful* 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live standard standard
Albuquerque* standard standard
All is Loneliness* EADGBE EEEEBE
Another Ugly Tune 1.5 down 1.5 down
Atlantic Swing standard standard
Baby Jesus II EBEG#BE
Babylon 1.5 down 1.5 down
Babylon (tussler)* 0.5 down 0.5 down
Back to Source EGEEBD EEEEBE
Beautiful Sister* 1.5 down 1.5 down
Birds* approx 0.25 up (probably accidentaly)
Black to Comm (live) DADGAD 1 down
Blueberry Daydream 0.5 down 0.5 down
Blueberry Daydream (daydream version) standard standard
California Dreamin' 1 down 1 down
Celestine standard? standard?
Changes standard standard
Come on in standard
Coventry Boy 1 down 1 down
Demon Box 1.5 down 1.5 down
Dr. Hoffmann's Bicycle (live) DBDGAD 1 down
Drug Thing EBD#G#BD# standard
Eternity approx standard I suspect that this tune was recorded approx 1 down, and was pitched down another step in the mix.
Evernine 1 down GGCFAD
Feedtime 1.5 down 1.5 down
Feel standard
Fleshharrower 1.5 down 1.5 down
Flick of the Wrist standard standard
Fool's Gold standard standard
Frances* approx 1 down approx 1 down
Frances (tussler) standard standard
Giftland* 1.5 down 1.5 down
Greener* EADGBB standard (bass)
Grinder* approx 1 down approx 1 down
Grindstone 1 down 1 down
Gutwrench 1.5 down 1.5 down
Have Fun* 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: 1 down 1 down
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel standard standard
Heartattack Mac EGEEBD EGDGBE
Heaven + Hell standard standard
Hey, Jane EG#EG#BD# standard (bass)
Hogwash* approx 1 down approx 1 down
Live: 1 down 1 down
Hogwash (tussler) standard standard
Home of the Brave* approx 1 down approx 1 down
----Live: 1.5 down 1.5 down
How Was I to Know approx 1 down approx 1 down
I Know You, Rider* 0.5 down 0.5 down
In the Family standard standard
Into the Sun 1 down 1 down
----Live: standard standard
Jr / Junior (Bigmuff version) standard standard
Junior 1.5 down 1.5 down
Kill Some Day standard? standard
Lazy Days standard standard
Leave It Like That* 1.5 down 1.5 down
Lighthouse Girl 1 down 1 down
Like Always EBD#G#BD# standard
Loaded* 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: 1 down 1 down
Lobotomizer approx standard
Mad Sun standard standard
Mad Sun (accoustic version) approx capo on 1 (either recorded too fast, or an accidental high tuning) same
Manmower standard standard
Manson's Children 1.5 down 1.5 down
Mantrick Muffin Stomp DBEAC#F# 1 down?
Motorhead Mama 1.5 down 1.5 down
Mountain 1.5 down 1.5 down
Mr. Who* 1.5 down? 1.5 down?
Nature's Way standard? standard?
New Day Rising 1.5 down 1.5 down
Nothing to Say 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: standard standard
Now It's Time to Skate* 1 down 1 down
On My Pillow* 1.5 down 1.5 down
On the Toad Again 1.5 down 1.5 down
Other Other Fool (live) standard 1 down
Ozone* F#BEABB standard (capo on 7)
Pills, Powders & Passionplays standard drop-D
Plan #1 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: 1.5 down, standard 1.5 down, standard
Politician 0.5 down 0.5 down
Polka with the Devil standard standard
President Block* 0.5 down 0.5 down
Psychonaut* standard F#BBBBB
Queen Chinee 0.5 down 0.5 down
Rad Frequency DGDGAD, 1 down?(bass)
's Numbness DADF#AD 6-string bass: DADF#AD? / bass: 1 down
----Live: DADF#AD 1 down
Seethe 1.5 down 1.5 down
Sheer Profoundity 1.5 down 1.5 down
She Used to be a Twin 1.5 down 1.5 down
Shock Me 1.5 down 1.5 down
Sideway Spiral I EADGAD? EADGAD?
Sideway Spiral II DGCGCD? 1 down?
Sinful, Wind-borne EBD#G#BD# standard
Sister Confusion 1 down 1 down
----Live: standard standard
Six Days on the Road standard standard
Some Real Mindfuck 1 down 1 down
Sonnyboy Gaybar standard standard
Space Cadet Boogie EBEG#BE EBEG#BE / standard (bass)
Stalemate standard
Star Dancer vs. Car Cancer standard standard
Starmelt, Lovelight standard standard
Step Inside 1 down 1 down
Step Inside Again standard
Sterling Says EBEG#BE EBEG#BE / standard (bass)
S.T.G. EBDGAD standard
Summertime is Here 1.5 down 1.5 down
Sunchild 1.5 down 1.5 down
Sunchild (tussler)* 0.5 down 0.5 down
Sungravy* DADF#AD
Superstooge* DADADD 1 down
Taifun* DADADE drop-D
TFC* approx 1 down approx 1 down
The Ballad of Pat and Put standard? standard?
The Golden Core 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: ADGCEA standard
The House at Pooneil Corners 1.5 down 1.5 down
The Ocean in her Eye DACF#AD? 1 down?
The One Who Went Away 1.5 down 1.5 down
The Nerve Tattoo AEAC#EA standard
(this tuning can be achieved by a EBEG#BE tuning w/ capo on 5)
The Skies Are full of... Wine? DADGAD or drop-D? DADGAD or drop-D?
The Wait 1 down 1 down
The Wheel* 1.5 down 1.5 down
----Live: 1 down 1 down
The Wheel (accoustic live) standard
Timothy's Monster CCD#GBC ?
Timothy in the Magic City FG#FFCD# CCD#GBC
Trapdoor standard standard
True Middle EGEEBD EGEEBD / standard (bass)
Tuesday Morning standard standard
Un Chien d'Espace FG#FFCD# CCD#GBC
Up Our Sleeves 1 down 1 down
Vortex Surfer EBDGAD EBDGAD / standard (bass)
Waiting for the One standard standard
Waiting for the One (tussler)* 0.5 down 0.5 down
Walking on the Water* C#G#C#F#G#C#? 0.5 down
----Live: DADGAD 1 down
Wasted* approx 1 down approx 1 down
Watching You 1.5 down 1.5 down
Watersound* DADF#AD DADF#AD
Wearing Yr Smell* DADF#AD? standard?
----Live: EBEG#BE standard
Wishing Well DADGAD
Workin' for MCA 1.5 down 1.5 down
Young Man Blues standard standard