3 Songs For Rut EP


Too many toy in attic can make you go blind
but there’s a lot of things to hide behind
There’s a veil of illusions to mirror the glares
and to keep away the fears
that hide behind the stairs

wow,here you are again!
so cool out on the burning sand
will the heat fry away your fears?
wait and see if I even care...
         Have Fun

Now it’s four past midnight and you ghosts are all out
there’s no telling what it’s all about
throw them a dime and they will show you the way
out of your wishing well-to heaven,or was it hell?


tuning (L to H): approx  D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d
                 Bent-b,lead voc,perc
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


You’ve got yours,I got mine
nothing feels like cheap red wine
You got burned,I got laid
why don’t you go away?

nothing left to do,but smile,smile,smile
loaded as I walk the crooked mile....

Full tilt fuck up once again
you will never understand
I’m your monkey,throw me a dime
I’ll pay you back some day

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d,perc,hand-claps
                Bent-b,lead voc,piano,perc,hand-claps 
words: Sæther
music: Sæther  with Ryan & Gebhardt


It pisses me off
the words you say
the things you do
to drive me away
cos I didn’t ask
for any of this
you make me lose myself
      All those days.......

the days of beauty
blinded the stupid
the days of war
just made it hurt even more 
the days of hate
appeared just to late
to help me see the truth
      All those days........

some real mindfuck,huh?

      All those days........

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d
words: Sæther
music: Sæther & Ryan

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