Another Ugly EP


All these feeble signs of joy
as you portray them,
is a sad and lonely sight
I don’t think your coctail-lives
are that joyous,
look me in the eye and say
that you’ll last the night
        get the car-keys
        get the children
        get the gun......(x2)
Now,did Junior seem a bit
weird at dinner?
don’t you find you just can’t tell?
I’d like to ask Which one do you
know the better-
the kids you put to life,
or the stupid digits that you sell?
         get the car-keys
         get the children
         get the gun......
mind your parents
mind your teacher 
mind your boss
and mind your job

tuning (L to H): C# F# B E G# C# 
personnel: Geb-d,perc
                 Bent-b,lead voc,perc
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


Monsterious version of old Kiss
nugget.One of the two we ever recorded.
First psycho-psong w/drum-loop on a 
record,and only such ‘till «Stardancer»
came along in 1996. 
The other kiss song we recorded was 
«Shock Me» with Dag Ingebritsen ( aka
D.D. Dynamite - ex-singer with Norwegian
80ies metal band «TNT» ) for a tribute album
called «Flaming Youth». None of these were
ever played live ( I think ) , but we did 
«100 000 Years» a couple of times,and rehearsed
«Black Diamond» as well,although we found it a
bit on the difficult side (!). Buying «Alive II» in 1977
was what made me want to do this in the first place,
so call it a pay-back!   B.S.

tuning (L to H): C# F# B E G# C#
personnel: Geb-d
                 Bent-b’s,lead voc,piano
                 Death prod-  d-loop
words: Simmons
music: Simmons


She used to be a twin,
and when it happened she cried her heart out
outside his window she ran
to a date with the Ice-cream Man
By then the loading had begun
you’ll never catch up with her now
you may try as you like,
but she’ll lose you anyhow
       If I could stop the world
       I’d freeze this moment in time
       so those feelings could die
       and we could be friends and 
       not hate anyone for a while
She put the sweater on
but her sister did not like the colour
it was her birthday gift
it got her so mad she cried:
Look at me now-
I can’t show myself this way!
Now,are you satisfied,
or are there other reasons why?
       Janey moved away
       she didn’t tell you why
       now you’re alone again
       and noone can tell you how
       but I guess it’s up to you 
             I guess it’s up to you.....
        Now whatcha gonna do?
             She used to be a twin     

tuning (L to H):C# F# B E G# C#
personnel: Snah-g (right ch),b
                Bent-g (left ch),d,perc,lead voc
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


She’s everything I ever dared to pray for
she’s as beautiful as spring is short
I love her questions,I love her answers,
I love her voice annd I love her thoughts
     Blueberry Daydream
Sometimes when night is falling
and I am all alone again
she’ll be painted on the sheets for me to admire
and that piece of art will be my best friend
      Blueberry Daydream
She’s a nightmare-she’s a daydream
She is pure ,but she is soiled
She’s the obsesser -she’s the redeemer
She’s the sickness and she’s the cure 
       Blueberry Daydream
        She’s the sickness...

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Snah-acc g,mandolins,voc
                Bent-acc g,Coral electric sitar,lead voc
words: Sæther
music: Sæther
NOTE : this song was originally recorded for our
             first demo-tape «Maiden Voyage» in 1990,
             but since that was only released in 100 copies,
             we decided to re-record it for this E.P.
             The  intro-sounds we stole the debut-7’’ 
             of one of our favourite English psychedelic bands
             of the 60ies . You figure out which one,loser!


School is out and summer’s in
we laze all day and take a swim
     well,you know you’re a big girl now
     and you know I can show you how...
     now that Summertime Is Here
     rainy day,go away- rainy day,go away

Now the time is right for fun
all the cloudy days are gone
     well,you know........etc


I smell the flowers in your hair
and all I want to be is there
now that summertime is here.....

     1,2,3,4 you I’ll do it
     5,6,7,8-teen and loving

tuning (L to H): C# F# B E G# C#
personnel: Geb-d
                 Larry «Lux» Llydwlin-lead voc
                 Linda L.,Dolly D.,Olga O.
                 (aka The Motorpsychettes) -voc
words: L.Llydwlin
music: L.Llydwlin
NOTE: Larry Lux is Gebs Welsh grand-uncle,and
            sings on this remake of his 1970 hit single.
            He’s now a busdriver,but suffers from a bad
            heart condition,and will retire next year.


oh,baby,jailbait kiss
I’m the capricorn that never miss
sending shivers up and down your spine
you’ve got yours,I’m gonna make you mine
      You’ve got what I need
       you’re just like speed
       Motorhead mama
       I’m gonna twist your tail!
Sit down baby,I like yor style
you’re gonna lick me like a love-sick reptile
blind drunk-ferouciously stoned
born to lose and bad to the bone
       you’ve got what .............etc

and now for the bad stuff!!

repeat 1st verse
forever up your spine!!
forever ferouciously stoned!!

tuning (L to H): C# F# B E A# C#
personnel: Philthy Geb-d
                 Fast Snahddie-g’s
words: mostly adapted from Motorhead songs
music: mostly adapted from Motorhead songs,too!
NOTE: Playing around w/some of  the Godfathers’
            mighty music on a rehersal,we sat down and made
            our own «Motorhead song».A nose in the dust-
            bum in the air tribute to this mother of all power-trios,
            it’s basicly a lotta fun,and the «audience», we took from
            an Allman Brothers Band live record (!).And,yeah-it’s
            dedicated to Lemmy’s mum; god bless her!
            The only Motorhead song we actually ever played live
            was «Metropolis» on a Norwegian tour 1996,and maybe
            somewhere around europe too.But,MAN,were they cool
            or what!?!

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