Let Them Eat Cake


Although the time is never right
it's only ever clear at night
her teeth looked like plastic when I peaked
There's tumors right behind their eyes
their poison tongue tell only lies
there's blood on the hands that feed and I 
swear I saw a tattoo on her thigh

Flies are buzzin' 'round my head
living grey and dreaming red
the wrong track?
it's the only one I know
I watch them run all hyped and wired
smell their fear and sense how tired
the words are -
the hive has lost it's brain
it doesn't even seem to sense the pain..

Knick knack paddywhack
give the dog a bone
running with the pack
getting wasted ; getting...

Chrystal candy,bad tattoos
diet Coke and Disney blues
I'm so tired  
- kick off in the void -
let's get some weed and chill out to Pink Floyd 

Tuning (L to H) : E A D G B E
Personnel:  Geb- d
                 Snah- ac.g (right ch.),clavinette,el.g
                 Bent- b,voc,ac.g (left ch.),tambourine
                 Strings Unlimited:
                    Kristin Karlsson-violin
                    Kristin Skjølaas-violin
                    Einy Langmoen-viola
                    Kjersti Rydsaa-cello
                 Arne Frang-tenor sax
                 Jørgen Gjerde-trombone
                 Erlend Gjerde-trumpet  
music:Sæther,string/brass arrangement Baard Slagsvold
NOTE: Yes,this and The Other Other Fool from Roadwork vol. 1 was
originally one song.lack of compatibility between the parts of the
song made it a lot easier (and better!) to separate the themes and
make two songs instead of one.This one still has about eight different
parts.....a Pocket Symphony,anyone?


Revolving 'round the core
those lofty visions
some need sobering and others less delay
mindgame focus yesterday
Upstairs and downstairs
the mess is all complete
an equal share
of  chances and numbers
a seven year old's fear 
of what might show up next
when he's out there

stitching on your angelwings
project on you like anything
impress you while I can
tell me now what I like the best
sweet indulging-not grotesqe
I'll forgive you anything
and really hope to make it up to you someday
'less the game it happened yesterday (x2)
the moon is not as hollow as they say....

Tuning (L to H) :Snah: D A D A D E (capo second fret)
                         Bent: E A D G B E 
Personnel: Snah: v,ac-g.(right ch.)
                 Bent: ac-g.(left ch),d.
                 Strings Unlimited [see Other Fool for details]-strings (sic!)
                 Arne Frang-tenor sax
                 Erlend Gjerde-flugel horn
                 Jørgen Gjerde-trombone
words: Ryan
music:  Ryan


So it hurts-well,big surprise
get up, go and cut those ties
you're nothing to her now
Eleven years all up in smoke
was it really just a joke?
Mistake's too small a word

so small,I've never seen you quite so small
so small.....

so you cut your hair and drink,
a little boy caught in the stink-
it always feels this way
And when you stop and wonder why,
the only answers feel like lies-
another big surprise...

so small,I've never seen you quite so small
so small.....

so let it lie
so let it die
the quirks along the way are what you
learn from anyway!

Tuning (L to H): E A D G B E
personnel: Geb: d,tambourine,zither
                Snah: b,voc,tambourine
                Bent: voc,fender rhodes,12-string ac.& el.g.,wood blocks,mini moog,piano
words : Sæther
music : Sæther


When the saints come down
-trembling on my back-
when they synchronize my heads
forevermore be a leader of the pack
when they show me heavens door

we never know exactly where to go,
but it never should have gone this far
 [C]       with Jesus
        and they say what he says
        and the jerk and the smart-ass
        show off their passes
        and want us all to come along
someone died for you
don't you think it's true
there's a pot and there's a stew
would we lie to you -
fill your head with lies?
It's all written in this book

repeat pre-chorus and [C]

What's the book you read
compared to what he said?
still you substitute your head
and we all go 'round
searching-lost and found-
make us all just tag along

repeat [C] ad nauseum (eh..)

Tuning (L to H ) : D G C F A D
Personnel: Geb : el.g.,tambourine
                 Snah: clavinette,voc
                 Bent: voc,b,d.
                 Baard Slagsvold:Fender Rhodes,voc
                 Helge Sunde:trombones
music: Gebhardt  with Sæther.brass arranged by Gebhardt


Take a look into your eyes
tell me strangest kind of lies
a little joy and loads of shit
makes the habit you can't quit

white as angel sheets 
so high you think you're gonna peak 
so low the ground is gonna blow  
so out  you wanna scream and shout

hide your faces all your hideouts too
It never lasts as long as it did for you
never go back there again ,they'll 
never let you out

..of your room
waiting for the colour bloom
like a kid lost in the wild
shows you fragments of your child..

repeat chorus

Tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Geb: voc, ac. & el.g.,piano,tambourine.
                Bent: b,d,voc,perc.
                death prod: drum machine
                Arne Frang: tenor- & bass sax
                Erlend Gjerde: trumpet
                Jørgen Gjerde: Trombone
words : Gebhardt
music : Gebhardt
NOTE: Geb's first ever leadvocal performance on psycho-record. took
him 8 years to get this far,but it won't be the last!

WHIP THAT GHOST   (Song For A Bro')


Tuning (L to H) : E A D G B E 
Personnel: Geb: d,perc
                Snah: el-g.
                Bent: el- & ac.g,b,tambourine,congas
                Baard Slagsvold:piano
words: none
music: Sæther


Like stained glass
like ten thousand colours
tinting me gently with waves of light
drowsy,so perfect this shimmer
spinning me slowly into the good night
in tune with all I  am
in dreams I understand
Stained glass ,midnight cobolt
all I remember and all I know
so certain,now for the first time
now for the first time I know what to do
in tune with all I am
in dreams I understand

be a virus 
steal your control
flow into your iris
and touch your soul

Tuning (L to H): E B D G A D
Personnel: Snah: ac.-& el.g.,standup bass
                Bent: voc.,12 & 6-string ac.g.,d,Fender Rhodes
                Tone Reichelt: waldhorn


The first time I saw jesus
he had lust in his eyes;
life on his breath and stories big as life
a head that was buzzin' from the worlds that he'd seen
and a mind stuck forever in a dream
and hearing his laughter,Ihad to think anew
about all of our yesterdays and how it went askew
and how losing our minds was so much more important when
he was my best friend

Never trust your memories,you drink them better every time
soon they're nothing more than a sack of guilded lies
did it really happen or did I read it in a book?
was fifteen years really all it took
to lose all that innocense,that full on lust for life
the undilluted power that cut like a knife
through all the teenage bullshit that we slipped in on the way,when
he was my best friend

The last time I saw jesus,
he had holes in his eyes
wine on his breath
and conviction in his lies
a head that was buzzin' from all the worlds that he'd seen
but a mind stuck forever in a dream
and hearing his laughter,I had to think anew
about all of our yesterdays, and how it went askew
he took the road less travelled,but somehow won out in the end
I wish he was still my best friend...

Tuning (L to H): E A D G B E
Personnel: Geb: d
                 Snah: el.g's(picked,strummed & slid),voc
                 Bent: voc,b,ac.-& el.g,tambourine
                 Baard Slagsvold:piano,voc. 
words : Sæther
music : Sæther


I've never seen this many faces
painted on one head
and everyone as true as sunshine
and almost all as dead
as winter's long

The man behind the thousand faces
that's the one I love the most
let me see the one that always dances
it makes the others seem like ghosts

My favourite friend,my old compadre
here we are again
have you noticed how the years keep changing
and how they seem the same?
and here we are....

Personnel: Snah : mandolin,violins
                Bent: voc.,harmonium,piano
                Ole Henrik Moe: violins,gong (intro/outro)
                Tone Reichelt :waldhorn
                Helge Sunde :trombone
                Arve Henriksen:trumpet,mellophone 
words: Sæther
music: Sæther, Choral written & played by A.Henriksen,
                       intro/outro written by O.H.M.
NOTE:One would think that 30/30 is better than 20/20 -vision,but it's not.
It's just more confusing.

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