Manmower EP


see Blissard for info

this is the whole truth,and nothing but........
eh-this is an un-edited version .The album
version is approx 10 seconds shorter.In some 
peoples minds an odd choise for a single,but 
with a video like that,what can you do?
Besides it’s one of our favourites from the album,
and that’s reason enough!!



Part two of Gebs quest .
 title has something to do with 
     a)  food
     b)  a Pink Floyd album

tuning (Lto H): E A D G B E
personnel: Geb- everything
music: Gebhardt


A John Entwistle/ the Who classic that we’re
probably not allowed to print the words to.
A regular fixture in our live-set at the time,
it was recorded in The Void while we were
on tour.Dr Kloos-the mighty Pete- mixed it,
and we thought this was a nice place to put it.
The original was on the B-side of the Who’s
«Summertime blues» 7’’ in 1970,but there
are great live-versions available both on the
re-mastered «Live at Leeds», and on the 
«Isle of Wight» live album. The Who were 
The Best Rock’n’roll Band in the World
for a while, and if you don’t know ‘em,
go check ‘em out!!!!!!!

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Geb-d
                 Bentwistle-b,lead voc
words: Entwistle
music: Entwistle


I woke up sweating,mosquito-bite behind my ear
I scratched until it bled
the sheets are soaked,the one beside me sleeping still
I’ve never felt more alone

Iget up slowly,that quiet song still in my head
pee in the sink and watch the sunrise
I walk down to the place where all the seagulls feed
undress and dive....

If there were two of us
we could hide in the cupboard
if there were a million of us
we’d ban summer

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Bent-acc g,mellotron,steel-guitar,voc.
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


You’ve got a towel by the foot of your bed
why don’t you wrap it around your head
don’t wanna see your face no more
that’s the only thing that I know for sure,how ‘bout it?

Sterling says It’s alright

 what is this that you keep in your freezer?
come out into the warm you little teaser
well, you take a houndred quilt and you scatter them on the floor
then you crawl around naked like a little whore

Sterling says It’s alright

I’ve got a secret passage in my wall,
along my chimney a space to crawl
it leads to a kind of wooden room
with a skylight and a bed of white
and there you can dance and dare to take it off,
to shake it off
coz the only thing that I understand
and demand is the Natural Voice

Sterling says It’s alright

tuning (L to H): E B E G# B E 
personnel: Snah-g,d,voc
                Bent-g,b,lead voc,g-solo
                Final drumsolo taken from a tape
                we got from an Indian restaurant.
words: Matt Burt
music: Sæther
Note: Matt has also recorded and released a song
          with these words as «Dizzy Samsara» on his 
          own «Grumpy Groovy» album.

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