Mot Riving EP


Thereís semen on the wheel
that turns this town around
the city thatís ready to make a deal
when the suitors come around

They say itís no fault of the car cult
that we look like dancers down from Mars
that worma canít breathe under asphalt
or use sunrooves to see the stars

but Who are you ,they say
just a bird blown before the storm
but youíre not of our feather, they say
so respectfully I will warn

thereís a tumor in the wheel
that turns this town around
the city thatís ready to make a deal
when the suitors come around

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Geb-d,banjo
                F.S.ōien-lead voc
                Jon Marius-d loop
words: Burt
music: Sśther,Ryan,Gebhardt



tuning (L to H): normal banjo tuning,I guess : G D G A D 
personnel: Geb-everything
music: Gebhardt


Ma Johnson does the laundry 
on her front yard porch
Mrs Harris cuts the roses
while her husband mowes the lawn
and itís feeling like my day has just begun

Iím standing on the sidewalk,
will they understand?
when Iím smilimg at their faces
with her picture in my hand
yes,I want them all to see that she loves me     
will it show that Iím the one who set her free?

Dad Morganís in the driveway
tuning up his car
Miss Perkins has a shovel,
and itís getting quite bizzare
and I hope she doesnít dig too deep today
well,I know soon theyíll find her anyway....

tuning (L to H): E B E G# B E 
personnel: Geb-banjo
                Bent-acc g,voc,perc
words: ōien  with  Sśther
music: Sśther


These songs ,along with two songs by Trondheim pop combo 3 SmŚ
Kinesere, were released on Harmonien rec. as a benefit sampler for the
people who live in the part of Tr.H. called Svart Laímon ,or by some:
Reina. Thing is- The lokal car-dealer wants to tear the approx 15
houses on the premesis down in order to enlarge his garages. Laímon
has for years been the local freak-zone ,with mostly 20-something
artists,musicians and other scum, and it seem like the cityís pleased
as punch with the development. Right now (sept 97) the situation is
stalemate,but there is something in the air.. if you need more info on
the whole thing,visit the web-site:
(or some such-I never get these things to work............). Star
Dancer is also available on a Bosnian benefit sampler called Beat Up

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