The Nerve Tatoo EP


see Blissard for info.

This «single»-version of the «tater» is the
full,un-edited version. The opening Gong
was added when some people wanted a fade
after the «masterpiece»-line about halfway through the song.
a cool ,hearty Fuck You to the Man,a childish prank,or
an awesome opening of a single?   You decide.



The first in the series of Geb-oddities on
our singles/E.P.’s. The title is a twist on 
Gebs food preferences at the time.....

tuning (L to H): Approx E A D G B E 
personnel: Geb- everything
music: Gebhardt


see Timothy’s Monster for words

accoustic version recorded for the Dutch
radio station VPRO. At the same session
we also recorded a version of «Feel».

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E
personnel: Geb-banjo
                 Bent-g,lead voc
                 Morten F.-g
words: Sæther


Pale day ,go away, I say
pale day ,go away, I say
the sun shines forever today
softly  takes me away

tuning (L to H): lost in space & time ;»something odd»
personnel: Death prod-g,wurlitzer,voc
words: Sten
music: Sten


With your painted lips and your amphetamine eyes
you could spellbind any man to see sunshine in your lies
but I have seen you way too many times before
and I’ve seen you crying,knocking on your boyfriends backdoor
and that light,that ain’t sunshine ,babe ;
It’s your lifelight burning down

There’s a mad sun burning on that azure sky
but those are deep pools and bottomless hollow lies
that breathes to life the memories of your childhood glades
and that rends the beauty from your face and paints you grey
and that light ,that ain’t sunshine ,babe ;
it’s your lifelight burning down

would you care if I told you how I feel?
was that look I saw even halfway real?
would you laugh and just leave me here to wish?
too proud to bend,I would only crash and burn like a
mad sun

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E
personnel: Geb-d
                Snah-violin,lead g,voc
                Bent-lead voc,b,acc g,perc,harmonium
words: Sæther
music: Sæther

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