She’s somewhere in the night.
pools of iceblue fright
will show you this is real,or
at least the way she feels
stray leaves in the garden
the rake obscures the view
sickness can’t be cured
when nothing is real and true
loneliness is a bargain
when too many mean too much
something is nothing,
skin cries at the touch......

«Hello there,nice to see ya
did you know the war it stopped?
I could tell you so many stories
and I’ll wear white at the highschool-hop
I’ve got a nice apartment
and the janitor’s real strong
the guy next door must sing some heavy metal song
the eye in the ceiling seems so naked and afraid
nice finish on those walls,I wonder what they paid?»

I know the girl they call the lighthouse girl
she hides behind the void she calls her little world
she knows daybreak like you know heartache :
comes too soon and lasts to long................

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d
words: Sæther
music: Sæther & Ryan


Sister Confusion sleeps out on my doorstep
she’s out there knocking on my door
what do you want this time?
how can a blind lead the blind?
it’s alright,just you step right inside
to my fireplace
I know your pleasures too well to refuse
soothe me so I may sleep
lead me on paths too far and steep
       I know that you can hurt me
       you can make me do things
       I don’t want to do
       Sister Confusion
when the day is dawning
and the night’s still yawning
you show me the way
on through the day
but I warn you ,sister-
all your crazy mixtures
might make me lose myself
       Sister Confusion
what it all comes down to
is when I’m around you
I’m losing control,
losing it all
and the road I’m walking,
it dissolves into nothing
why do I just fuck things up?
       Sister Confusion

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D 
personnel: Geb-d
                Snah-electric g’s
                Bent-b,acc g’s,voc
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


13 weeks of violent peace
the 1000 pains of a 1000 dreams
extacy may be agony
the hurt is worse than it seems
       The Wait

thrown away like that teddy bear
kids discharge along the road somewhere
pity those who loved you most
hell to pay,hell to care
       The Wait

spin ‘round the axis explode with the power
of dreams you have lived
twisting and turning down into the mindbanks 
of love gone sour.gone bad,gone away........

If life did smile like you
there would be no end
to what I’d do 
every day is halloween
when those whom the gods love die young
        The Wait

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D 
personnel: Geb-d
words: Sæther
music: Sæther & Ryan


You look at me
but you still can’t see
you’re blind and scared
inside your lairs
no need to hide
come step inside

It’s new years day
now come away
who fools who
when we start anew
shed your hide 
come step inside

step inside
it’s cold tonight
a hard rain falls
outside your walls
a place to hide
come step inside

tuning (L to H): approx  D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d
words: Sæther
music: Sæther



psychobabble in A minor?
eh,a «sound-scape» based on Capt. Beefhearts 
«Fast & bulbous»-routine and other weird shit.
Title taken from «IT»,annd a good time was had by all.....
for the cd-version,the thing was pressed backwards,
just to be on the safe side,so to speak........

tuning (L to H): ??
personnel: Geb,Snah&Bent
words: Ryan & Sæther
music: Gebhardt,Ryan & Sæther


First cover on a ‘Psycho record,was a «watchtower-y»
version of the old Mamas & The Papas hit.
Big «hit» for us too,and stayed in our set for years.
Fun song until you play it too much-
then it’s real easy to hate.......
Vinyl version has a different mix than the cd,and is a lot cooler!

tuning (L to H): approx D G C F A D
personnel: Geb-d
                 Bent-b,lead voc,acc g,perc
words: J. Phillips & M. Gilliam
music: J. Phillips & M. Gilliam

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