Starmelt EP


He didn’t wonder 
all the time he knew
it was the wrong thing
but the best that he could do

another hand out
another flick of the wrist 
another love song
11th on the list

he didn’t look back
ahead’s the only way
still it feels like dying a little
day by day 

another pick up
another lonely heart to break
another sad girl
11th on the list

It’s such a boost to the ego,man!
and such a bite to the feeding hand ;
she’ll never belive you again....

tuning (low to high): E A D G B E
personnel: Geb- d
                Snah-g (right ch.),voc.
                Bent-b,g (left ch.),lead voc. 
words: Sæther 
music: Sæther


...And as it’s fading
to a drowsy blue to live in
I keep my eyes closed
and pretend that I’m still sleeping

there’s a hole when she’s smiling
and a fire when she’s sad
and a void when she’s glad
when I feel how she’s humming
how alive she’s inside
I only hear how I lied

cosmic comic-strip
behind this wall I stay forgiven
mirrors cracking clear the view
daring me to drown in there and take her with me  

From your lips to Gods ears and to the wind....

there’s a hole.....etc

and there’s always a reason
yet it’s so hard to tell
from this wishing well
though these thoughts are colliding
I’m left bound by the spell
of this wishing well.....

tuning (low to high):D A D G A D
personnel: Geb-banjo
           Bent-12-& 6 str acc git,piano,rhodes,voc,perc,and some
                wicked tigh-slapping!

words: Sæther  with Øien
music: Sæther


Eeehh....,this is a tough one-you see,we’re not quite certain we sang
the right words to this vintage Steve Marriot screamer!  There are ,to
our knowledge,currently only two Humble Pie versions of this song
available. The original-a live recording from the ‘73 «Eat it»
album- and another live version on a «King biscuit flower hour»
release. T hing is- Being live versions and by the ultimate seventies
cokesnortin’ cockney kickass rock’n’roll band - Mr Marriot wasn’t too
particular ‘bout his diction.....  besides-this is probably
copyrighted stuff anyway,and we wouldn’t wanna mess with the Man,now
would we?

If you need more,go check out the Pie. Required listening is as follows:
«Town & country» 1969
«Humble Pie» 1970
«Rock on» 1971
«Performance-rockin’ the Fillmore» 1971
« Smokin’» 1972
but most of the rest is also quite listenable.

for our version,here are the hard facts:

tuning (L to H):  D G C F A D   
personnel: Geb-d
                 Snah-lead g,voc
                Bent-b,rythm g,lead voc
music:Humble Pie



tuning: E A D G B E 
personnel: Geb- everything
music: Gebhardt

Title suggested by Kim H.-he thought it was a good title for a song
like this.  Why? Ask him.

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