Trust Us


And i'll feed you the lies that you wanna hear
And i'll kick you around till you eat your fear
And i'll sing any song that i want to sing
And i know if i want i'll be anything

And i'll smoke anything that i want to smoke
And i'll read 'tween the lines till i get the joke
And i'll preach any law that i will obide
And i show who i am and i never hide

And i look till i find what's inside of me
And i search till i find where i wanna be
And i'll pull any string just to get me there
And i'll rip any fabric i need to tear

And it's high time we bleed for the coming one
And the stars and the moon and the rising sun
Allthe bull and debris that we lug around
And the hide that i shed when i hear the sound

Of my corvette

Tuning (l to h): e a d g b e
Personnel: geb-d,acc g.
                  bent-el. & acc gs,b,piano,perc,harmonium
Words: sæther
Music: sæther
Note: this song was originnally called 'corvette',but listening to the final
             mix sorta was like going into some kind of orbit, - or rather like leaving
             the known universe behind-, so feeling like psychonauts,we decided to
             call it that. The words are me trying to describe what snah felt like
             riding around on his tempo lett corvette moped in high-school .
             you know - that king of the world feeling........


I've got blood on my hands,
And sand between my toes
If the crowd gets too unruly,
We'll spray 'em with the hose

I'm so bored with the whole thing
-keep hearing laughter when i turn-
Seen a million sunlit faces
But none that really burned

I can't keep myself from laughing
When i spot someone posessed
The fool that's always grinning,
Never quite gets the jest

But i know the one i'm laughing at
Plays it by the book
And screams for revolution
Behind his vacant look

We'll keep their eyes red & runny,
Kill them in their homes
Watch them pray forgiveness
And pay interrest on their loans

It was us in the beamers,
The penthouses & shrines.
Uf you want absolution 
We can provide all kinds...

But that*s just the way we are
Our heads in the ozone
And our minds in shangri-la 

Tuning :(l to h) e a d g b e
Personnel: geb - d
                   snah-g (r-ch),vocals
                   bent-g (l-ch),lead voc,perc,acc g,congas
                   kai ø. Andersen- uprite bass
Words : sæther
Music : sæther

The ocean in her eye

Sometimes- wake up in the past
Mary,mary  so contrary
Daydreams - forget all too fast
Picking minds when it gets scary

It's too quiet  to be listening
Turn a face to the sky
There's a lifeline  somewhere out there
With an ocean in her eye

Slowly  as lifetimes unfold
Unobtrusivly      it's shaking
Watching  kids lose their souls
It's all there for the taking

But it's too quiet  to be listening
Turn your head  face the sky
And the lifeline somewhere out there
With that ocean in her eye

Go find that lifeline out there
With that ocean in her eye........

Tuning (l to h): d a c f# a d
Personnel: geb- d,glockenspiel
                   snah- g,rhodes,voc.
                   bent- b,lead voc,perc,marimba,vibraphone,trident
                   death prod- loops
Music- sæther & ryan,  with sten

Vortex surfer

And if she said so
That would change it all
If she said so
I would cushion her fall
And if it felt right,
She'd let me know the plan
Take my hand
And explain to me so i could understand
Why she said so

If she said so
It would be too much like death
If she said so
I would eat her breath
If she said so
I'd know all the lies
But i'd wipe out white
And never even ask the reason why
She said so

And never end
Go back to start
And never say
When i fall apart
And never stoop
To complain
About the pain

Tuning (l to h): e b d g a d
Personnel: geb-d,glockenspiel
                  bent-el. & acc. Gs,voc,b,piano,mellotron
                  ohm-violin (reluctantly......)
Words: sæther
Music: sæther,  with ryan



Tuning: eh.....
Personnel : t.seim : flutes
Words: none
Music: t.seim
Note : this piece was composed and played by t.s. On flutes made out of 
               reindeer antlers.this is an old lap tradition that t.s. Picked up on
               one of his famed travels on the tundra,and siddhardtino is the first
               ever recording of this instrument. As a musical piece,this is a prayer
               and meditational vehicle or a chacra-boogie so to speak,designed to
               elevate and help the listener trandecend. 
               turn on,tune in, and bliss out!



At 13 - it's a magazine
Next to the pony-queen in the rain

At 14 - it's a daydream
It's a book that you read on the train

At 15 - it's a lazerbeam
It cuts to the core of your soul

At 16 - it's a favourite scheme
The prize & revard for the bold

And if ,while breaking your heart
You pry it apart, you'll find
That what was good for you then
Is good for you now
But your mind will tell you
It's too late
You missed it and that's your fate...

At 17 - it's not what it seems
A much stronger force than you thought

At 18 - you run out of steam
And wonder why you even fought
At 19 -...............................................

It all seems like a dream

Tuning (l to h): d g c f# a d
Personnel : geb-d,harmonium
                   snah-el. G,fender rhodes,voc.
                   bent-acc. G,b, lead voc.,piano
Words: sæther
Music: sæther


He screwed her head on sideways
Forever & evernine
And when her eyes arrest him
He just laughs and slaps her behind
Pretending that all is fine

And while the flower's dying
The only eyes that understand
She keeps inside the mirror
In that wonderful peaceful land
Where there's neither breath nor hand

Where left is right is never wrong
And where the weak is always strong

And when the time is right
The dark will fall into the light
The sound will make the sleeping wake
And really see what is at stake

Within that maze so timeless
She's drifting in her own flow
And if she lets you find her
She's the bravest you'll ever know
If you squint you can still see her glow....

Tuning (l to h): e a d g b e
Personnel: geb-d
                   snah-g solo,rhodes,mellotron,voc.
                   bent-acc & el gs,b,lead voc.
                   jarle vespestad-beat
                   death prod- loop
Words: sæther
Music: sæther  with ryan

Mantrick muffin stomp

Born carefree   into the history
Safe & steady   guided by his ideas
You should know him by now
You hear him every day
But it's hard to remember
Those senses lie dormant and dwell

Mummy mister 
Can't resist your
Muffin mixture
Or murder mysteries
Now/how would i know ?

Walk faster
Spit as the roads are crossed
It's all a disaster
Those rhymes were too easily tossed
All those thought-forms you know
Ruining your every night
But who would concieve them
Until it is spelled out so right?

Tuning (l to h) : d b e a c# f#
Personnel : geb : d
                    snah : voc,el. G,
                    bent : b,mellotron,ac. G
                    d. P. : theremin
                    ohm : violin
Words : ryan
Music: ryan  with sæther
Note : another version of this song "mellow muffin stomp" will
              be available on the hey,jane ep later this spring.

Radiance freq.

Hey,creator mind!
We want in ,we want in on the real stuff ,
Not this new age boogaloo for children
If you show us how it's done
We'll shine brighter than the sun
"when we claim it we change who we are
And our destiny " 
And to me we all are stars when we say
I love the games we play
Kick off your shoes and stay
Let's change our world a bit today
Or at least let's make it feel that way
I went along with it-shoulda know shoulda known
Really wanting  it- almost aching to go under
I admired you-how you did what you did when you did
Desired you-and the secrets that you hid
When you said
"i love the games we play-take off your coat and stay"
Like the other times ,you say
But it didn't really feel that way  

Found your frequency  -38.9
You're vibrating radiantly 
You sparkle and you shine when you smile
See the cosmic mind
See the light see the lust see the lie
See yourself in it
And tell me you don't die when you find
How you love the games we play
(how you rust and corrode away)
How you need it to get away
(how this bullshit clouds your way)
And how you'd love it if some day
You could turn this fairy dust into clay

Tuning (l to h): d g d g a d
Personnel: geb-d,mellotron
                   bent-el.g,el.sitar,b,lead voc.
                   trygve seim-flutes
                   death prod-loops
Words: sæther
Music: sæther


Smile  brave captain
Your course is set
It'll be alright

Look, see how it adds up
How it all makes sense
May your dreams be bright

And forget about that  fear....

The sound & the fury
And the deep blue sea
Are your friends tonight

Shine  brave captain
You'll do the right thing when
You put the wrong thing right

They'll never smell your fear....

Tuning (l to h): d a d g b e
Personnel: geb-d,glockenspiel
                   snah-g (r-ch)
                   bent-g (l ch),harmonium,taurus,voc.
                   tone reichelt-french horn
                    death prod-theremin
Words: sæther
Music: sæther & ryan  with gebhardt
Note: the horn arrangement was written by ohm.


These are the words that you're forced to belive in
When you don't wanna choose the theme or decide what to mean
Those funny thoughts in yr head now,any-which-way
Will shake yr foundation down,then make yr day

When the thrashers are pounding
Much too fast for love
And the neonlights blinding
Who could ask for more?

Blame the world conspiracy for the mood that yre in
Or any other elevated word to describe the scheme
Then sit and watch yr navel growing dirtier by the day
Listening to the drone from the era constructing decay

Well the thrasher's still pounding
And who won't give a damn
About the final solution
Of the master plan
Well,the trashers are pounding
And i'll dream away
I'll go anywhere i wanna
I'm not gonna stay

Then if i could rewind and start all over again
I'd buy a bulletproof conception and a couple of matching friends
But then again my right hand fills in the form
Those spastic signs to keep it close to the norm

Tuning (l to h): d g d g a d
Personnel: geb: d,perc.
                   snah: lead v,el. G
                   bent: b,voc,perc,ac. Slide g
                   t.seim: baryton saxophone
Words: ryan
Music: sæther   with ryan & gebhardt

Coventry boy

Thought that i would understand
And hoped for you to follow on again
As the silver cup slips out of our hands
We shure know how it feels
From our heads down the heels

Skyblues on the losing end
Still hoping for that glory we'll pretend
The silver cup slipped out of our hands
Should'a known it wasn't meant for us
Now we're offensive while defending the loss

Tuning (l to h): d g c f a d
Personnel: geb : glockenspiel
                   snah: voc,g's
                   bent: d,b
                   ohm: glass
Words : ryan
Music : ryan
Note: nico was a chelsea girl.........

Hey jane

And when he calls
You'll take the blame
And when he leaves
It'll still feel the same
It hurts me too
The way you try for him
The way you die for him

Be the silly butterfly
Dance your way across the sky
Brighter than the summer sun
You know you are the only one

To see you shrink
To see you fade
I don't know
How much more i can take
But you decide
You dream your own lifelie
But why do you kiss it goodbye?

Tuning  (l to h) : e g# e g# b d#
Personnel : geb-d
                    snah-12-string el. G,voc.
                    bent-acc. G,coral el. Sitar,b,lead voc,mellotron
Words:  sæther
Music:  sæther
Note: we've had jude,joe and joni, so here's our contribution...........



Tuning : well......
Personnel : snah: the bells,the bells!!
                   bent: d
                   t.seim: clarophone
Words: none
Music: sæther,ryan & seim
Note: in my humble opinion,eric dolphy was one of the greatest sax/flute                
             players ever. Check out his work with coltrane (1961/62) or his mind-
             blowing blue note album "out to lunch" (1964),and be awed. This song
             doesn't sound like him or feel like his stuff at all,but is a tribute and  
             thank you to a very inspiring human being.


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