Gebhardts very own Duellin’Banjos !

tuning (L to H):G D G A D 
personnel: Duellin’ Flint Geb-banjo,acc g
                Charlie Bob Bent-acc g
music: Gebhardt


A good ol’ classic by mr’s Green & Montgomery,
originally performed by just about everyone,but Taj Mahals 
version is really good. The Flying Burrito Brothers can be 
seen doing it at Altamont in the Stones’ «Gimme Shelter» movie.

Tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Duellin’ Flint Geb-banjo
                Snakebite Ryan-g,voc
                Carlie Bob Bent-b,acc g
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
                Barry HilLien-lead voc,piano
                Chicken shakin’ Lolly Hanks Jr-d
words: Green & Montgomery
music: Green & Montgomery


see Lobotomizer for words

Joni Mitchell goes west......

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: S.Ryan-electric g
                C.B.Bent-b,acc g
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


See Demon Box for words

The way this D.B.-punkrocker
was originally intended- mellow & easy:
we just didn’t dare to at the time.......

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                S.Ryan-electric g,voc
                C.B.Bent-b,voc.acc g
                B.H.Lien-lead voc,piano
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


Written by the legendary Trad Arr, this
song has been done by just about every
folk-singer ever,as well as a multitude
of «folksily inclined» bands such as the
Byrds and of course the good ol’
Grateful Dead,on which we based our version.
The audience is not a tussler-crowd,but taken
from a Lust-O-Rama live tape Strype had lying
around. No offence!  

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                 S.Ryan-electric g,voc
                C.B.Bent-b,acc g,voc
                 C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d
Words: trad arr
music: trad arr


See Lobotomizer for words

Or should that be Hogwalk ?
The International Tussler Society gets funky,and
includes Lobotomizer the song in this medley.

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D:F.Geb-banjo
                B.H.Lien-lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d

THE TUSSLER (Slight Return)

A Minor key version of The Theme,
written & played by the lovable Duellin’ Flint.


I’m a poor lonesome cowboy
and I roam around the country
from the Appalachian mountains
to the Gulf of Mexico
I once had a girlfriend,
but now I have 3 wives
and a kid in every town 
in the West
       Sonnyboy Gaybar
       Sonnyboy Gaybar
       I’m the golden boy of the Oregon Trail,
       and I’ll be back someday 
Polly Peggy Sue
with her eyes so blue
and her southern lips & hips
in a dress
You’re cheatin’ all the boys
but you’re livin’ just for me,
and what you’ve got the others
just can guess.......
tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d
words: Sæther & Ryan
music: Sæther,Ryan,Gebhardt,Lien


See Demon Box For words

Again the Tussler version is closer to
the original idea than the version on D.B.,
but the vocal delivery is a bit too much on
the psevdo-gospel-y side for comfort as 
far as Charlie Bob is concerned,but Emmilou
wasn’t available,so..........

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: S.Ryan-electric g
                C.B.Bent-b,acc g
                B.H.Lien-Lead voc,piano
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
words: Sæther
music: Sæther


See Demon Box for words

ye-haw! The ultimate kickass
longhair country revenge!
and I’ll personally lynch any
sumbitch that sez diff’rently!!
This song pretty much validates
the whole Tussler Experience,
as far as I’m concerned.

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                C.B.Bent-b,mandolin,acc g
                B.H.Lien-lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d,voc
words: Sæther
music Sæther


Ever walked along a beach sometime?
The waves washed your past away,
hid it in the memory of the sea
Ever play your part to perfection sometime?
When every second is hit or miss
ever wonder why it’s always like this?
         Gulping for breath, the rotting leaves
         were sucked into his mouth
         James,you’re just a memory
         That’s what it’s all about
Ever felt the loneliness of a crown
trandecendent without wanting to be
ever wondered where she really did go?
ever played your part to perfection sometime?
When every second is hit or miss-
ever wondered why it’s always like this?
a memory,a memory,James you’re just a memory........

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-acc g
                B.H.Lien-piano,lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.jr-d
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
words: Sæther
music: Sæther  with  Ryan
NOTE: This song was among the first we
             ever recorded.A punkrock version
             was taped during the sessions for
             Maiden Voyage and released on
             a compilation tape called «Knall-
             The Album vol 3» in 1990.It’ll
             probably be re-released some time,
             but until then,this’ll have to do-it’s 
             better anyhow..................


I know a guy they call Freddie,
he has nothing much to do
he’s a  full blooded fuck up-
spends every wakung minute sniffin’ glue
and solvents,getting high and falling low
he’s dancing Polka with the Devil
and the devil just won’t let him go

He’s a kid without a concience,
he’s hardly 17
he’s not a threat,he’s not a danger
a phony rebel with a brain like gelatine
and in a year now,he’ll ride his very own horse
dancin’ Polka with the Devil
and going down slow....

I don’t sympathize with Freddie,
but where there’s darkness there is light
he’s onto something valid
it’s a pity,though ,that he didn’t get it right
of course there’s discord,there’s a world to change,that’s true
I’d rather dance Polka with the Devil
than squaredance with those fools........

tuning (H to L): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                C.S.Lolly H.jr-d 
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
Words: Sæther
music: Gebhardt & Sæther
NOTE: Only on vinyl edition.


Every country album worth having,
made after 1970-something,has some  
music made by and/or related to the one
and only Gram Parsons.The ultimate long-
hair country hero died a junkie in 1973,but
in only 6 years totally rejuvenated a whole 
style of music.L.D. was recorded by the 
Byrds for their only Gram-ified album
«Sweetheart of the rodeo» in 1968,but
the song was dropped from the album
running order.Gram re-recorded it for
The Flying Burrito Brothers’ second album
«Burrito DeLuxe» in 1970,and that’s where
we got it.  
tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                B.H.Lien-lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.jr-d
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
words: G.Parsons
music: G.Parsons
NOTE: Only on vinyl edition


I was born in the middle of a big city
I grew up with asphalt & traffic jam
I think concrete buildings are so pretty
may sounds weird,but that’s the way I am

They want me to wear hats and boots and torquise
just because I like to pick some country stuff
Why do I have to look just like a cowboy?
I don’t want to be acting as a bluff!

But I like to sing  Odelay,odelay,odelay 
And I think it’s fun : hey-di-hey-di-hey-di-ho
Changes are so hard when it goes against your will (x2)

I don’t have to lead a cow to be a cowboy
I don’t have to own a horse to take a  ride
pickin’ & singin’ my music is the real joy
I love livin’ this way,that’s my pride  

repeat 1st verse

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo,g
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar,lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d
words: Karlsen
music: Karlsen
NOTE: Only on vinyl version,and nobody
            proof-read the lyrics.......


Neil Young Classic from perhaps his finest
album «Tonight’s the Night».Ours is basicly 
a straight copy of the original,but sounds like
The I.T.S.,and works really well.
The I.T.S’s finest hour?

tuning (L to H): D A D G B E 
personnel: D.F.Geb-banjo
                C.B.Bent-b,lead voc
                C.S.Lolly H.Jr-d,harmonica,voc
                K.K.Karlsen-steel guitar
words: N.Young
musuc: N.Young
NOTE: Only on vinyl edition.

During the second I.T.S. session these songs were recorded as well:

Bird Song,One more saturday night,It must’ve been the roses (All by
the Grateful Dead),With care from someone (Gene Clark),Illinois
(Sæther,Ryan,Burt), and Queen Chinee (Ryan,Sæther).Most of these are
quite good and will probably be released at a later date.

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