Wearing Yr Smell EP


See Timothy’s Monster for lyrics/info

This is the same as the album version,
but is somewhat differently mastered.
The only reason why we chose this
song as a single,is the -pardon my humility-
exellent video idea we had for it.Probably the best 
video we’ve made so far-and one of the cheapest:
approx 5000 NOK for the whole thing!


Another cover that worked really well, the
original was done by a local Trondheim band-
«Epinastic Movements» on a 3 song 12’’ in
1993.This 12’’ was printed in 500 copies,
of which around 250 were faulty,making it
somewhat of a collectors item.The band also
released a 5 song CD called «Rapid» and did
approx 20 gigs before calling it a day.
    The reason why we recorded our version of P.B.,
was that both bands wanted to do a split-7’’ of
eachothers material. They wanted to do an electric
«Come on in»,and -if memory serves me right-also
recorded it in Brygga Studios,but split up before
we got that far. Good band,though, and mr Stenøien
is one hell of a song-writer,dontcha think? 

tuning (L to H): D G C F A D 
personnel: Geb-d,perc
                 Death prod-lead voc
words: Stenøien
music: Stenøien


See Demon Box for lyrics

Accoustic & thoroughly fucked up
version of  D.B. Dino-tribute,recorded  
by Jon Hegre,run throughvarious machines 
by the prod,and released here. 
Another mix of this recording is available
on a sampler made by College-venue Hulen
in Bergen.         

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnnel: Geb-banjo
                   Snah-acc g,voc
                   Bent-acc g,lead voc
words: Sæther 
music: Sæther


It must’ve been important,
but we lost it on the way.
don’t know what it could’ve been,
but it’s not here today.
     this whole thing’s got me shaking like a leaf
     down in the dregs of relief
Sometimes I’m such a coward
I keep lying to myself
I wish I had the guts to tell it
and put it on the shelf
      this whole thing’s............etc

why would you wanna
why would you wanna listen to me 
why would you listen now?  (x4)

I see it in your face
and I can hear it in your voice
this time just I think that we
don’t even have a choise
       this whole thing’s...........etc

why would you wanna .........etc

if I knew just how to tell you,
I don’t think you’d hate me anymore

tuning (L to H): E A D G B E 
personnel: Snah-violin,voc
                 Bent-acc g’s,lead voc,d,harmonium,
                          bamboo-stick-thingamajig type instrument
                           that goes «plonk».
words: Sæther
music: Sæther  with M.Ru¨hle


see T.M. for lyrics/info

Edited version of the album track.
we didn’t know which one we prefered,
so we put them both out. A few years later,
this is the one I’d go for,but who knows ?

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