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Interview with Geb taken from the
Dutch e-zine
In English.

Frequently this band from Trondheim, Norway is compared with bands like Pavement and Sonic Youth. For TKMYL this is more than sufficient to investigate this trio in rock. Gebhardt Håkon, in the band responsible for drums, guitar, keyboard and banjo was our voluntary victim.


What can you tell us about the album you are currently recording?
"This time we have been very focused on the goals we had from the writing/rehearsing process. Every song was tried out in all kinds of arrangements before we went into the studio, and almost every detail was planned and tried out on 8-track demo versions. No Mellotrons this time, so we had a musician named Bård Slagsvold helping us writing the notes/arrangements for strings, trumpets and horns and more. he also conducted them in the studio and did piano and 2nd harmony singing. This is gonna be joyable for your ears only!!!"

Are there already specific plans for Roadworks Vol. II?
"It might be a recording from «Kongsberg Jazzfestival»-95. This concert we played together with a jazz-band from Norway called The Source. This concert also features Death Prod. on Theremin. Great chaos - great fun!"

In recent articles you have been called the new leaders of "alternative music" / Sonic Youth successors; any comments on that?
"It's so nice to see Motorpsycho mentioned in the same breath as Sonic Youth, Pavement and other good bands. And making music is important to us, so if the music we make can be important to other people, that’s an honour to us."

How is the music scene in Svartla'mon, Trondheim and does living there affect your music?
"Living in Svartlamon has been important in many ways. First it’s been very cheap (approx. 75$ a month). And a lot of good helpers in the neighbourhood, like cover designers, video makers and inspiring bands. So it’s been helping us a lot living there, but music-wise it’s hard to say."

Motorpsycho in 1998  

Have you ever considered living anywhere else, perhaps another country?
"Since it’s been so cheap living in Trondheim, we decided to stay here. But we all like Italian food very much, so when we get old you might find us there !"

When do you write most of your lyrics/music and where? Is there one special place?
"Most of motorpsychodelia are being written in Trondheim in between touring. But a lot of the music is being created and tried out live all over Europe, on soundchecks and so on."

For which new (Norwegian or other) bands should we be on the lookout?
"Other Norwegian bands worth checking out: «Jaded» is a great pop/noise band with a 7" and a 10" out. And Euroboys for your industrial moods. Home Groan has great songs with Byrds references."


If you were jailed in a prison, and there was one song on the PA as punishment, what song is it?
"Barbie Girl by Aqua could kill me if someone tried!!!"

What will the influence of electronics be on music in the next couple of years? And on Motorpsycho's music?
"Electronics make some things easier and other things impossible, so we are probably gonna use what can help us especially live (sampling, loops and more). But we are to uninterested still to spend too much time with these things, but you never know when you feel for something new."

What's your opinion on MP3 distribution of songs over the internet?
"MP3 scares me a lot, but I don’t know how to enter the internet yet, so I think it’s hard for me to mean too much about this for the time being."

Koen Van Der Tang