[media stories: english: 2000]

19:25 - 20:05: Lola da Musica

TV-announcement of the MP-special taken from the
website of the Dutch TV-station
VPRO, February 2000.
English translation done by Jiri Conradi.

19:25 - 20:05 Lola da Musica
In Lola da Musica a portrait of Europe's most adventurous guitarband Motorpsycho, who recently released the ever praised popalbum LTEC and who will come to the Netherlands to confirm their fantastic live-reputation soon. While snow and wind are torturing the streets of their hometown Trondheim in Norway, the three bandmembers show their rehearsal-room in a former Nazi-submarine basis and lead the viewer to their houses in the squatters rampart Svartlamon. They also play some acoustic and amplified songs in a peculiar setting.