[media stories: english: 1997]

A lesson in simple effectiveness ...

Concert review
taken from the Dutch magazine
AARDSCHOK, November 1997.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Noorderligt - Tilburg, november 14

A lesson in simple effectiveness is what Motorpsycho have up their sleeves, straight forward powerrock that's emphasized by the support act from Eindhoven, 7Zuma7.
[...7zuma7 review...]
[the dancer, the suits and the nice glow of light are pampering and not necessary to carry 7Zuma7 musically.]

Motorpsycho proves this with a snakedance-imitation of Bent Saether during the Who's "Young Man's Blues". One of the songs that speaks for the straightforward attitude of the norwegian trio, which also brings some some charge with the repertoire of AADAP, popsongs like STG from BLISSARD, and with the steady extensive passion of DEMON BOX. Gems are Saether's tied tongue, literally during The Who, metaphorically during "She's Ready", where the audience clearly appreciates the recognizable material that's chosen. MP can draw from such a huge amount of songs every time, that no concerts sound alike. The Norwegians also make use of the strategy of variety: bomast - fragile, sing-along - surprise, and amazingly technical - almost simple lo-fi. Kaleidoscopic videoprojections take care of the rest. On stage, MP is more elementary than on the records and that's just worldly.

Rene Vanes