[media stories: english: 2000]

Frode kommode . . .

Outtakes from an interview with Sanderfinger singer Frode Sander Øien about his time with Bent Sæther in Steinkjer playing together in the band Flippa Hormoner
taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
ADRESSEAVISEN - Utmagasinet, 2000-09-15
English translation done by Rolf Klausen and Anders Kalland.

--= SNIP =--

... As an 18-year old Frode started the punkgroup Flippa Hormoner together with Motorpsycho's Bent Sæther.

We sang about beer, puking and women. The essential parts of life, he laughs. After a while Bent moved to Trondheim, but wanted to continue in the band.

He did in fact take the train from Trondheim to Steinkjer just to practice. But once he came here I refused to practice because I rather wanted to watch a video with my girlfriend. That was the end of Flippa Hormoner, but Bent started a band just as good instead, Frode laughs. The two of them have kept their good friendship, and Sæther has produced both of the band's records.

--= SNIP =--