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10 Motorpsycho-years

Article with a comparative review of all MP-longplayers of the last 10 years
taken from the Norwegian newspaper
AFTENPOSTEN, 1999-10-15.
English translation done by Stig Aasheim.

Rating: 3 / 6
«Lobotomizer» (1991)

At that time the "Troenders" debut was a "hard rock killer", listening to it now and it's more "slow" metalrock that's poundering away without any particular subtlety. Only two or three tracks are good. They are on the other hand superb.
Climaxes: "Grinder", "Hogwash"

Rating: 4 / 6
«8 Soothing Songs For Ruth» (1992)

More of the same stuff as the debut, but a little more rock-orientated and better songs. Gebhardt has joined on drums and makes his presence noticeable. The version of "California Dreamin'" is a classic.
Climax: "California Dreamin'"

Rating: 6 / 6
«Demon Box» (1993)

A rocksensation, all the way from the accoustic opening to the 17 minutes long monster "Demon Box". Lingering rockers, pricking riffs, raw vocals and pretty noise in a very creative wrapping.
Climaxes: "All Is Loneliness", "Demon Box"

Rating: 6 / 6
«Timothy's Monster» (1994)

The first on a major label, and their best album. 2 cd's, but nothing but good tracks. Very tough rock, very delicate popsongs and beautiful moods combined. Amazing.
Climaxes: "The Wheel", "Leave It Like That"

Rating: 3 / 6
«Blissard» (1996)

A huge disappointment. The band is out of good songs and goes rumbling along with their peculiar rock without reaching any heights. This results in their only "Spellemann" - Off course. [sic!]
Climax: "STG"

Rating: 4 / 6
«Angels And Daemons At Play» (1997)

A little of the same as the previous, but a darker mood hanging over the rock. More good rocksongs, but the feeling of sensation like in '93/'94 is still far, far away.
Climax: "Un chien d'espace"

Rating: 5 / 6
«Trust Us» (1998)

An outstanding rockalbum that kills the frustration from the two previous albums. The old motor-mixture of melodies, refrains, riffs and studionoise is back, skilfully structured.
Climax: "Hey Jane", "Psychonaut"

Rating: 5 / 6
«Roadwork vol 1» (1999)

The first album in what's supposed to be a set of liverecordings provides a genuine sound picture of how fascinating heavy and lingering catchy the band are when they are functioning on stage. No "best of" collection, but an important Motorpsycho-document.
Climax: The totality

Robert Gjestad

The translator wants to emphasize that he doesn't subscribe to the author's point of view.