[media stories: english: 2001]

New CD from Motorpsycho

Short article presenting the tracklist of the new album "Phanerothyme"
taken from the Norwegian newspaper
English translation done by Kristian Breidfjord.

Motorpsycho have now finished the recordings for their new studio-album and are planning a release this fall.

The album will be titled "Phanerothyme" and contains nine songs. The Norwegian rock-veterans will embark on extensive tours in both Norway and Europe after the record is in the stores September, 3. It hasn't been decided on the order of the songs yet, but the titles are: "For Free", "Bedroom Eyes", "Landslide, B.S.", "When You’re Dead", "Phaseout", "Og to California", "Painting The Night Unreal", "Blindfolded"