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New Album In February

Article containing interesting informations regarding the new record
taken from the Norwegain newpaper
BERGENSAVISEN, 1999-10-23.
English translation done by Stig Aasheim.

It's more fun playing now than it has been in a long time, says Bent Sæther of Motorpsycho. At Garage they were accompanied by Bård Slagsvold of Tre Små Kinesere.

Bård Slagsvold has helped the band with arrangements and orchestrating of "Let them eat cake". The new album is finished, but won't be released before February comes along.

We were outnumbered by four to one in the studio by strings and horns. We needed someone to get the notes down to paper. Bård has an education as a jazz-pianist and knows the names of the chords, explains Bent.
Slagsvold has only been with Motorpsycho live on three occasions before the Bergen-shows this weekend.

It's getting better and better. Especially the older songs are fucking cool to play. With Bård in the team it's more room for delicate playing, not only the loud and ugly, Snah smiles (his birthname is Hans Magnus Ryan).

We play less and listen more to each other, Bent adds.


Another reason for Motorpsycho to be in such great shape nowadays, is the vacation they just recently closed. Gebhardt visited friends in Brooklyn, Snah brought wife and kids to Iceland, while Bent drove from New York to San Francisco along with the band's light-technician.

  Motorpsycho and parts of gear
ARBEITSREDSKAPENE: Gebhart, Bent og Snah med et lite utvalg av strengelekene deres.

We were burnt-out after four months of touring and studiowork. A break was necessary to get the spark back, Snah says.

Motorpsycho are celebrating a ten years anniversary this fall. Since 1993 the music has provided their daily bread.

I can still remember the day I received a payment from TONO that made it possible to quit studying social anthropology and start playing full-time. The King's day, Bent grins.

Motorpsycho must be Norways most hardworking rockband. When they're not touring or recording, they rehearse four hours a day, six days of the week.

We are the Rosenborg of Rock. A team where the individual qualities are complimentary, as Nils Arne Eggen says.

...and we have also defeated quite a few germans when playing on away grounds, Snah says with a smile.

Fans From Afar

Fans have traveled from both Holland and Italy for the shows in Bergen - just to see Motorpsycho.

It's a commitment in having such dedicated fans. We must give different shows each time, says Bent and continues: Some are following us from show to show. We have become friends with them, and we put them on the guestlist. That's the least we can do when they spend so much time and money just to travel where we're traveling.

They have heroes from most of the history of rock themselves.

I saw the light when Kiss released "Alive 2" in 1977. After that it was less soccer and more rock'n roll, Bent remembers.
When we grew up it was big to take the train from Steinkjer to Verdalen to see TNT, Snah continues.
Bent has no problem admitting that the band gets influences from the music they listen to.
I think it was Stravinsky who said that bad composers borrow, while great composers steal.

The band has stolen their name from a movie by the cult-producer Russ Meyer - and have recently filmed a video.

We were jumping on a springboard for six hours, and our backs were pretty worn out after the session, Snah smiles.

Motorpsycho can also bring good news to those who prefer long guitarsolos rather than string-arrangements.

We have recorded a few songs in the alley of Stones and Creedence, with a little prog and stonerock in the bends. These will be released as a mini-album on the American label Man's Ruin, Bent explains.

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