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Let Them Eat Cake
Psychobabble 023

The Other Fool EP
Psychobabble 022
CDM / 10 "

Let Them Eat Cake - Frontcover

The Other Fool EP - Frontcover

New album at the 10th anniversary

"A new year, a new album" seemed to be Motorpsycho's motto from the very beginning. But this time around, it's been almost two years since Motorpsycho have presented us with a new studio album. On purpose. After a decade (yes, Motorpsycho turned 10 in October '99!) of hard work - studio, tour, interview appointments, another tour, then start the circus all over again - the band pulled the emergency break in order to regroup, clear their heads, and to write and record a lot of new material. This is why Motorpsycho "only" released a live album, "only" went on two european tours and "only" played in the US for the first time ever in 1999!

Approximately half of the recorded songs ended up on "Let Them Eat Cake". 7 more songs (which rock the house in comparison to the quieter songs on this album) will be released later in the year on "Stickman's Ruin", a collaboration between Stickman Records and Man's Ruin.

When we asked Bent from Motorpsycho why the album was given the title, he answered: "it's soft, it's sweet, and we're really sticking our necks out with this one!" He can explain this album much better than we can, so we'll leave that job to him - check out his "Memo from the bunker" on the following page.

For a complete biography, discography and more information than you ever needed to know about Motorpsycho, check out:

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The Other Fool EP - out: 2000-01-17Let Them Eat Cake - out: 2000-01-31


Let Them Eat Cake

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted

When anybody does anything, he/she obviously does so for a reason. When we started working on this album our two major objectives were:

1. To try to write songs that were
    4 mins or less.
2. To try to make an album as
    close to 40 minutes as possible.


Well, we've made "White album"/"Exile on main St."/"Songs in the key of life"-type mammoth-works sooo many times that's it's not really a thrill or a challenge anymore; we Know the Big Canvas, so to speak. To make a compact, short and beautiful album is something we've never accomplished, and the time was definitely here, so why not try?

As you've probably noticed, we didn't really succeed in any of these two objectives, but along the way the songs evolved into what we have here: not a hard rock album by any standard, in fact most of it isn't rock at all, but hopefully a collection of beautiful songs: something you can listen to at night or your mother can do the dishes to - we don't care. At least it's different.

Hopefully you'll have to rethink your conception of what 'Motorpsycho' is, and open your ears a bit wider to connect what you hear with what you thought you'd get. In many ways the power-trio format is the musical equivalent of oatmeal: great, but not to exciting after a while. This time, we thought we'd feed you something else. Some cake maybe ....

One of the things Motorpsycho have always tried to do is stay ahead of what we and other people define this as. When we've done something really well, we've tried to take the music elsewhere at the next junction. It might not always be successful policy in terms of sales, but it keeps it fresh and worthwile. There's a whole universe of undiscovered music out there, and fuck me if I'm gonna spend my time rehashing what I already know! Pete Townshend once wrote The Music Must Change. And he was right again.

Tr.h. 11.11.99

Bent Sæther, 18.02.69
bass, vocals, guitar, drums
Hans Magnus "Snah" Ryan, 31.12.69
guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass, fiddle

Hakon Gebhardt, 21.06.69
drums, guitar, keyboards, banjo, vocals

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