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Interview with Geb taken from the
Italian e-zine
English version. Found at the corova milkbar-site and sent in by Ale himself.

  Gebhardt together with Phebio and Ale - 2000
Gebhardt together with Phebio and Ale
- Milano - 02/09/00

K.M.: During 10 years of career, your music has changed continuously: this fact depends on the necessity of expressing your feelings with different kinds of sound or on something else?
M.: As time goes by, you learn new stuff, been there done that, new experiences becomes familiar the next day, and we all becomes different people. Life is to short to do things you already done millions of times. You always wanna find the new way to Rome, that's at least natural for me. And I'm glad that you can hear that from our music.

K.M.: Does the artwork of your booklets, so different from album to album, reflect in some way the changes in your musical expression?
M.: The cover artwork are up to Kim Hiorth°y, and I'm glad that he also changes his style from record to record. He's free to do what he want every time, and it's always a little shock to see what he's been up to. It takes a couple of days (or weeks) until the music and artwork becomes one thing in my head.

K.M.: What's the secret (if there is one!) behind the band's prolific production, so unusual in the present-day music world?
M.: I don't think we got any secrets in our career with Motorpsycho. We got something that is us in the sound, how we play, and who we are. But I see your point. To me it feels rather sad that so many other bands don't have any identity that make them something that's only them. It's important to insist on being your self, and then you maiby you got something to give in the music, or somewhere else!!

K.M.: Does the place where you live influence in any way in your music?
M.: Here in Trondheim we got MTV on the telly and Britney Spears on the radio, so we know what's going on out there. But we also got a long hard winter and light 24 ours a day in the summer, so that might do something to our music,- but I really don't know.

K.M.: Will your next release be another "Roadwork" chapter or a studio album? Is it possible that electronics will have any space in your future productions?
M.: The next release will be Roadwork vol. 2. "The Motorsourse massacre" Live from Kongsberg Jazz festival in 95. Motorpsycho and a freebag jazz band named The Source. That's great fun, at least for the die-hard fans. It is in the printing process now, and will be available before Christmas. There will also be a rock'n roll EP just after Christmas, so start to save your money!!!

K.M.: Is there something true in the piece of news that motorpsycho will release an album for Man's Ruin Rec.?
M.: The rock'n roll album where supposed to be a Man's Ruin release, but they seem difficult to get going with this release, so we release it ourselves. Our fans has spend almost a year waiting for this album, so it's about time.

K.M.: What kind of work is Stickman Rec. doing for you?
M.: Stickman keeps contact with all our other distributors all over Europe, and do all the other stuff that record labels normally do, taking care of printing process, try to sell records, promotion, and so on.

K.M.: We saw an interview for a German tv channel in which you said that you'd like to come to Italy and live here: do you really intend to do it?
M.: As soon as I got the time and money for it I'll pack my bags for Italy. For Norwegians it's so nice with the warm weather, cheap wine, and the best food!!! So I hope it won't take too long.

K.M.: What can you tell Korova's readers about a "Norwegian" ape guest of several tv shows in your country during the 80s?
M.: I don't know what ape you are talking about ? The only ape which has been popular in Norway was Julius. He was living in a zoo, and where brought up by humans. He's now a very disturbed monkey, but still alive. Is this the ape? (YES! NDALE)

K.M.: Your favourite Russ Meyer's movie is ...
M.: I'm not too familiar with the Russ Meyer movies, but Super Vixen is just a great title for a movie!!!!

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