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Interview with Snah from

taken from the German e-zine
DOCROCK SHOW, 2000-02-03.

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original English RealAudio-interview (14 minutes) on the docrockshow-site too.


  «I would definitifely not vote
                   for 'Final Countdown'»

Let's start with the Norwegian radio-station, that is going to play "Vortex Surfer" a whole day now. Can you tell me more about it?
Basically this competition was arranged by a Norwegian radiostation for the "millennium song". They wanted to transmit the song that was voted for the most, 24 hours on the new years eve. The competition started with many bands. But in the end there were only two songs. The first was "Final Countdown" from Europe and the other song was "Vortex Surfer" from us. It ended in some kind of "Internet-War". They started a very big thing and there were also votes from Germany, Italy and other countrys. It worked out really fine. It was only possible with the massive help from our fan-clubs and all the internet freaks.

For which song would you have voted, besides your own song?
Maybe this huge songs from the 90's and late 80's. I would definitively not vote for "Final Countdown". I am not really sure which song I would take.

Besides "Let them eat cake" you are gonna release another album, when will this be released?
Probably next spring or next fall. For "Let them eat cake" we used the more "psychedelic-rock" songs and for the new album we saved the more rocking songs. This album will be released by "Stickmans Ruin" which is a collaboration between Stickman and Mans Ruin in the states. We met Frank Kozic in Austin-Texas, where we played on a big record convention and they really appreciated it and asked us if we where interested in working with them. This seems to be the perfect setting for the more rocking songs.

Why have you decided to separate the songs into two records, because of the musical content?
Normally Motorpsycho would put all songs together on one album. But we thought it would be better for the songs to be presented in the best fitting content. The songs appear much stronger. The album "Let them eat cake" runs about 45 min and I think this is long enough, we don't need another album that is more than two hours long. We wanted to cut it down to the point.

Do you already found a title for the new album?
We are not really sure jet, it will be there really soon. The songs are ready we just need a good title for it.

Concerning you live shows, the visual aspect is a very important part of it. Have you ever thought about making a real movie?
We already make a kind of documentary, which is called "This is Motorpsycho". We try to make another one and it's planned for the next year. So maybe in the year 2001 it will be out but this is only our plan we don't know if it will really happen. It will also be a kind of documentary, with a lot of movies in it that we collected over the years. I hope we can make it happen.

What do you do besides Motorpsycho, any sideprojects?
I have no other projects beside Motorpsycho. I have three year old son which I try to take care of so that his mother can go to work. Gebhardt is playing in a country project, with banjo and two guitars and three voices. He is also working on a soloalbum which is called "Gebhardt plays with himself". It's very much like instrumental music. I really hadn't the time to do anything else than Motorpsycho.

Do you use the internet as a tool for your band or maybe for your private belongings?
I don't use the internet at all. We have a very good contact with the guys from our official Web-Site. I don't know anything about computers, I even don't know how to turn them on. But maybe when i get the time, I will probably get into it.

Do you take part in the content of our website?
Not exactly. We used to feed the guys from our website with informations on what we are doing, our plans and so on. It's pretty much in the hands of a couple of guys at the university of Trondheim. They spent a lot of time on it and update it.

Do you think selling MP3's over the internet is an alternative for bands or do you think this is a danger?
There has to be a revolution on the musicbuisiness. I can't really see how it can stay the same. The mp3-sound will be better in the next years. Right now some musicians could get frightened that they will not have their usual way of income. I am sure that there will be some kind of solution for the problem. The tools are here to be used and i hope there will be something good in it.

What would you say if someone would put the whole Motorpsycho backcatalogue in the net?
What can i do about it? Nothing. You shouldn't think to negative about it. Anything can happen. Maybe in a couple of days our new album will be available on the net. I think there will always be people who will buy cd's or vinyl because of the coverart.

Which Beatles album is the best in you opinion and why?
I don't know. I don't know the Beatles too much. You should have asked Bent, he is completely into Beatles.

So what is your favorite band?
There are a couple of bands right now. I like Mogwai a lot at the moment and other bands. Oh there are a lot of bands I like.

Who will be next soccer worldchampion?
I don't think Norway will be able to win. I think probably the old teams like Brazil will do it. I am not addicted to soccer. Only when our local team is doing well i follow what goes on. It's not to important to me.

Ok, thank you very much for the interview.